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I have registered with Google adsense since 2007 but till date am yet to make a dime from them. May be Ihave been doing it wrong in the past but now I want to do the right thing. That is why I Looking for some one who will volunteer to mentor me. Also desktop or laptop costly in my country I will so much Appreciate it if anyone will give me a gift of laptop. Even if its a spoiled one.
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    I think this guy is in need here. lets join hands and know what do.
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    Now Adsense doesn't support the Blogger..
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    I don't think you need a mentor. There are tons of advice on this and other forums. All you have to do is take the time to read them. You might even get an eBook download or two. Look for Fat Cat Blueprint or the All New XFactor. I am not affiliated to them or selling them, I just think they are excellent resources that could be the answers to your problem.
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    There is a lot of stuff out there. To get started pick a niche/topic and create content (web pages, blog posts) on it and put them up.

    Then do SEO work. You need to read a bit on the basics and jump in then ask a more specific question when you have a specific issue.
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    This may sound a little silly, but double (triple) check your adsense code on your page...

    There have been several times that I was wondering why my site wasn't registering any clicks and it was because when I copied and pasted the code it was missing the last number of my Adsense ID.... sad but true


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    Thanks to all for your reply. In fact I have learnt a lot today from this forum. But the issue is that i do not have computer. Am writing these post with my phone and you know I can't do site promotion with my phone cause its not that supported. Any advice on how I can get free laptop? Will appreciate your candid reply.
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        For gods sakes you can't do IM without a computer.
        And your asking for one as a gift from someone?!
        This is the most outrageous post I've ever seen on WF.

        You have to realize it takes a long time to make any significant amount of money with AdSense.

        Without owning your own computer you can expect to visit your local library daily for several months. Are you prepared to do that?

        My advice?

        Get another job until you can afford a cheap laptop and then get started doing IM.

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    @yukon no but i think i can afford an internet connection. Am from Nigeria, Anambra state
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      Laptop on the way. I shipped it via UPS....Unicorn Parcel Service.
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        Maybe you should post one of your Adsense sites here do people can give constructive feedback.
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    Ok my blog is on my signature.
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