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Besides my adsense blog, i have a website for my personal training business - i am looking at writing targeted ads through Facebook but i need some guidance. Can anyone send me a link to a how-to or offer some advice?

My first ad, targeted at local 30+ women, was drafted as this:

Headline: Are you trying to lose weight the wrong way?
Image: Company logo
Text: Click here to find out with a FREE trial session with x's No. 1 Personal Trainer! (x being the town my facility is based in)

My second, targeted at 35+ year old, high educated professional men was drafted to read:

Headline: No time to exercise?
Image: Company logo
Text: Let me show you how you do with a FREE 30min trial session with x's No. 1 Personal Trainer!

Im not settled with the 2nd ad, the people im targeting arent usually the demographic that like being shown how to do anything...

Any help & thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am not promoting anyone and I have no vested interest in doing so. It is just that Brittany Lynch is an expert in Adwords and Facebook ads. I have watched her webinar on how to use Facebook ads to promote services. THis is the info you need. It is completely free and of very high quality. Of course, there is a sales pitch at the end of the webinar. She gives lot of useful info in the webinar which should be sufficient for your needs.
    Pl visit wwwdotaskbrittanylynchdotcom
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  • I couldnt see the specific webinar, but theres an option to ask a Q & she'll email back the webinar details she'll answer it in
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      I know of Perry Marshall's books. i think theyre more geared towards google adwords ads... but an ad is an ad right? i think you should look into it
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  • Good point co-creator - I also picked up Brad Callens Adwords Made Easy
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