How many keywords do you work on at a time?

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Is it better to focus on a couple at a time, until they rank high on the first page, or do you just do you just go after 10, 20, 30....simultaneously? What's your approach and why is it best?
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    Focus on siloing or categorizing your site. Each category becomes a page under which you can optimize content for keywords related to that category. Maybe you can have an article each for every keyword in that category.
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    Excellent question. I see so many people who attempt to go with 50 keywords for one page. If they can make that happen then I wish them well.

    I personally choose 3-5 tightly related keywords per page while only having 1 keyword phrase that I am ultimately targeting per page. I add this information to the meta keyword information. Yes, I know that there are those who say meta keywords no longer matter. I personally disagree, and they certainly help me keep organized for content on each page I am working with.

    If I happen to desire more keywords for a particular page I can gain them very easily by running backlink campaigns rather than attempting to on-page optimize my way into oblivious confusion.

    I also make sure to use free tools like the one referenced in my signature below to promote my pages as well as promoting the backlinks that I build from external sources which lead to my Website.

    Hope that helps.
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      I would like to work on 4 to 5 keywords at a time for a greater concentration and success.
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    I tried working on 19 keywords at a time, then if they got on page 1 i reduce the list
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      I'm sticking to 3-5 (I'll start new ones as the first 3-5 begin to rank high on page 1)

      I've tried doing 20 at a time and it's just not realistic for me. I get much better results focusing on fewer sites at once.
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    1-3 keywords per page and only if they're very close
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    I will create my entire list of keywords and secondary keywords first so that I know that the website organization will be solid.

    As far as actually creating content and building backlinks I focus on the homepage and 2-5 keywords at a time.


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    I tend to do about three at a time and let some of the longtail ones fall into place on their own for the most part.
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