Has my website been de-indexed from Google because of profile backlinks ?

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I have been backlinking a website that is about 1 year old, by using High profile backlink packets about 100 links per 4 keywords a total of 16 keywords about a total of 400 links for 16 keywords for the last 2 months.

Recently the client decided to change the url to another existng url that has not been doing backlinking. So they used 301 re-direct to the new url, but ever since they changed the url the site has been de-indexed from Google. I have checked for the domain using site: url on google but it is not showing up.

However they only re-directed the home page url and the inner pages on the old website are still found on google.

It has been about 2 weeks now. Has the site been banned and if so why are the inner pages of the old url still being found , or is it just taking time for Google to re-index the new url ?

Any advice will be appreciated ?
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    If the internal pages are still in the SERPs then nothing is de-indexed.

    Sounds like your 301 is the issue.

    What are the dates on the old internal pages Google Cache, how old are they?
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      the internal pages of the old url are still there but nothing of the new url, even the new url use to be listed with google
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    cached date 28th January
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    Google thinks the old Index page with backlinks & the new site are the same page, with the 301.

    They are telling Google the old Index page has now been moved to the new site.

    That's why the old page isn't indexed in the SERPs.
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    I just want to know...........
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      i did not understand your answer, the ihome page of the old url and the new url are both not showing only the inner pages of the old url are showing.

      Please advise me what should be done ?
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    The new URL may not be indexed yet. Normally, it will get done pretty quickly but you never know.

    I believe Yukon is saying that the 301 redirect has told Google that the homepage of the old domain no longer exists, which is why it is no longer indexed. If a 301 redirect was not created for the internal pages, then there is nothing to tell Google that they no longer exist and they will likely be indexed until either a 301 redirect has been set up for them or they are re-cached.


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    Your 301 redirect has killed the home page - silly!

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      fine i understand that the 301 re-direct has removed the old home page but why is google not indexing the new url page after 2 weeks ?
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        Hi Watch Store,

        I reread this thread twice to see if I could understand what you are trying to say. It seems that you are using the wrong terminology and it makes it unclear what you are asking.

        Please clarify, are you redirecting the homepage to a new domain or just a different URL on the same domain? I could be wrong, but you seem to be interchanging the term URL with domain name.

        Each page should have its' own separate and unique URL. If any URL on your domain is indexed then your site (defined by domain name) is not de-indexed nor banned. What is unclear to me is whether you are talking about 2 separate homepage URLs on the same domain name or 2 different domain names.

        If you are talking about a new URL on a new domain name then that is a separate website, meaning you old website is still indexed while your new domain has yet to be indexed. You need to check the redirects to ensure that they have been done correctly as a proper 301 permanent redirect, as opposed to a 302 temporary redirect or a meta refresh redirect. The latter two will cause you problems.
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          i am referring to a a 301 re-direct to a new domain name. the website was functionning with 2 unique domain names (both were listed on Google) . All links were built to one domain name and then the customer decided to use the other domain name so the 301 re-directs were set up to the second domain name
          Ever since then the new second domain name is no longer listed on Google but the inner pages of the old domain name are still listed.

          Thanks for your help
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            Assume site A (old domain)
            Site B (new domain)
            301 redirect
            Site A home page -------------> Site B
            No 301 redirect
            Inner pages on Site A ---------------> Site B

            Two scenarios to solve this problem:

            1) Go to Site A .htaccess file and do a sitewide 301 redirect to site B

            2) Create inner pages on Site B that are similar to inner pages on Site A. Not copy but similar with some unique content on site B on the same topic as discussed on inner pages of site A.

            Now 301 redirect each inner page of Site A to each corresponding inner page of site B.

            This will now tell Google the exact relationship between site A and site B. Over time, all the URLs indexed from site A will redirect to Site B and Google's database will be automatically updated to reflect the metatags of the new pages.

            You now have a case of PIP (Partially Indexed Page) with site A's home page having been redirected and the rest hanging out there.
            Hope this helps
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              thanks raviv

              it just seems strange why the new domain name is taking so long to re-index. Normally a 301 re-direct shoud happen quite quickly.

              Why also has the site B domain name that used to be listed with Google dis-appeared ?
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                If redirects are done correctly at the beginning, it will update well. But because of some of the complications, maybe there is a hangup.

                You can try one of those two redirects that I have suggested and see if it helps.

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    the new domain has just been re-indexed by Google so great news. Thanks for every ones help.
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