Google Adsense - Do Image Ads Get Less Clicks?

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I wonder about this. If I see an image ad, I automatically cassify it as an ad. Other the text links ads. I see them more as useful links. What are your thoughts about this? Currently I allow Image ads. Should I only allow text ads with Google Adsense?
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    It depends on a lot of things like site layout, other images on the site, etc.

    However, I find that text ads do get a higher CTR even if the image ads are optimized perfectly. Text ads are easily incorporated into the text, which allows them to blend perfectly into the actual text.

    Personally, I only use text ads.
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    I agree with mike. From my own personal experience, text ads tend to do better. However, in some cases, depending on the actual ad itself and how attention grabbing it may be, image ads do well too, especially ads placed in header area (468x60).
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    I personally use text ads but mainly because I've been told that they convert better. However, now that I'm following a system, the creators of that system say they have tested both and depending on the theme you use and possibly the niche, sometimes image ads can convert better.

    I now have a couple of sites set up using the themes they provide which have both text and image ads, but it's too early to tell yet whether they perform well. Although the first site has had a few clicks and the ratio of clicks per visitors is quite high.
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    It depends heavily on your website, ad unit size & placement and the particular ads. If possible, perform a split test and find out what works best for you.
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    I've actually found image ads to have a much higher CTR and higher CPC.

    I think it depends on your niche/ad placement though.

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      Based on my experience. Yes. I try to avoid Image ads as much as I can.
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    For awhile last summer one of my blogs started making much more in Adsense fees. I didn't understand why until I went to look and saw the image ad was one for bikinis and bathing suits. (Boy, I'd like to have that ad everyday on everything.)

    Other than that, I tend to run both image and text ads together and I don't pay much attention to which is producing more. I just watch the overall production of the site.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Williamson
    In my experience/testing, text ads have converted better and, consequently, brought in more.
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