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I have some colleagues who are selling Amazon products by writing articles.

They are using the full product description as the title of the articles and also for header 1.

This seems to get them on page one of Google.

I was considering trying this, but when I look at Google Keyword Tool and put in a product description that I am about to use as my Title, I find that there are no Global monthly searches for this.

My colleagues tell me that Google Keyword Tool is not reliable, as they are getting traffic from Google for their product descriptions.

Is it possible that Google Keyword Tool can show no searches for a keyword phrase, but in reality there are people searching for this phrase?
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    No tool is 100% accurate. They are meant to be used as guidelines only.

    Also, Google recently dropped its search partners from the keyword search results - meaning people that search on Yahoo for example, are no longer accounted for in the results.
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    There are people searching for just about every phrase. Anything under 1,000 searches a month and Google's tools are unreliable. Also you should realize that most other tools just pull data from Google's databases.

    Take a peak at what level of traffic your friends are actually getting for their articles.
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    I have been using google tool for research for about a year. I would says its reliable but its not 100% at all
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    Not many people type full product description into Google, that's why the keyword tool shows no results for this keyword.

    Google keyword tool can't be 100% reliable, it just gives you a rough estimate.

    Before Google implemented new keyword tool full time you could see major differences between data from old and new keyword tool versions for the same keyword. This was weird as the data supposedly came from one source. Surely you can't rely on it 100%.
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    I heard Market Samurai is better.
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    you can always try SeoBook keyword tool (Free!)
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    Google keyword is mainly meant for adword advertisers, thou it can also give you a rough estimate of queries. To be on the better side, you would want to try market samurai.
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    I agree with the other posters... the data is estimated. I think this is where you skill and intuition as an IM comes in to be able to sort through all the data and make a decision.
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    As the first replier said nothing is 100% reliable. Google is a multi-billion dollar company, they know what they are doing. Trust me that their keyword tool not only works, but it probably one of the best keyword tools available, not to mention free.
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    Well,I don't think so. As far as my experience with Google keyword tool is concerned, I totally disagree that its searches sometimes fail. It's perfectly reliable.
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    Google keyword tool is not 100% accurate, but it's probably in the 97% range. Google's a hundred billion dollar company, and has the knowledgebase to know how many times certain words are typed into their own search engines...this really isn't that hard. I made a tool that tells what keywords are coming into my site, I made it in a couple hours. So, do you really think Google's tool is not that reliable? I trust it every day. Plus, you can't base it off of the traffic you get. Titles, descriptions, rankings, etc. all play into if people are going to navigate to your article/page from the results or not.

    *I am not Scott Blanchard. I just thought this name was cool. =p

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