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Hi all

I cannot tell you the number of times a day I'm asked "but how do I get all my backlinks indexed?" Well, the real question should be "how do I get all my backlinks noticed?" but I'm guessing that's what people really mean.

OK, so today I have two free tools for you --
  • Create Your Free Hosted RSS Feed In Seconds -- allows you to host an unlimited number of RSS feeds, each with up to 100 links in them. You need an account with the site, easy 2-step signup-&-confirm process. After that you log in and dump up to 100 URLs in the feed creator tool and off you go.
  • Online Rss Submit Tool -- allows you to submit the RSS feeds you create to 27 RSS feed aggregators & search engines. No account required, just fill out the simlpe form and you're good to go.
To use:
  • While you're creating backlinks, make a Notepad file containing the URLs of the pages on which you've created backlinks.
  • Dump them in groups of up to 20 (see below) into the HostMyRSS tool and create a new feed.
  • Submit the new feed to all 27 places supported by RssSubmitTool.
  • Rinse & Repeat
That's it.

Hope this helps someone
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    Thanks Joe118, this was really useful ! I will bookmark this and use it in the near future !
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    Thanks for the kind words I forgot to mention:

    Why divide up your URLs into batches of 20 to a feed? At least one search engine is rumored to read only 20-30 links from each feed it finds. So adding more URLs is useless and in fact will ensure that the SEs will not see the extra URLs in the feed, if this rumor is true.

    Better safe than sorry
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    Thanks for the online RSS submitter link, didn't know about it.

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    I'm working on setting up my own RSS feed creator for my clients, with the help of Konrad Braun's script (he has a WSO but I'm not allowed to include the link because that's considered advertising).

    This will allow my clients to create an unlimited number of feeds, update them, edit them, etc etc etc. I'll host the feeds for people as long as they're my paying clients in one of my backlink packet services.
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    A good free online tool
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    do you find that you improve your SERP's with this method ?
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      RSS and pinging are probably the only two reliable methods of getting indexed. You can also submit your aggregate feeds to identi.ca where the feed will be on the homepage. Google checks this site many times a day, so it helps to get it picked up.
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    thank you I was looking for rss to my beautiful site ^^
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  • Thanks for this tool, just what I was looking for.


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    I'm big on RSS feeds, so thanks for the tips. I have been watching my Adsense RSS stats and some days they take off.
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      Originally Posted by thebitbotdotcom View Post

      I'm big on RSS feeds, so thanks for the tips. I have been watching my Adsense RSS stats and some days they take off.
      Any rhyme or reason to when they do take off? If you find a method, it can be duplicated for profit Just saying...
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