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thanks for taking the time to read this.
i am not sure how RSS works, and how i use it to gain backlinks.
i have a word press blog.
i think it generates a feed for me.
what i dont get is how do i get backlinks from an rss feed.
i submitted the rss feed to an automatic rss submitter two days ago, but i dont have a single backlink show up when i use seo quake to check my homepage.
i dont know if i have made a mistake or if it takes time or what.
so will some one please explain to me how rss feeds work?
thanks you very much for your help.
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    Try to submit RSS feed manually. Just like social bookmarking, RSS feed helps a lot when it come to indexing your site.
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    RSS is just another way to put your links out. A bit of content from your posts along with a link to the original post is spread out through the rss aggregators. These are legitimate links and they count but like with any links you can't expect to see all of them in google. They only show part of the links. And they certainly don't index them instantly either. It all takes time.
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    Seriously... Don't bother. RSS feed backlinks lost pretty much all value sometime at the beginning of January. Like they got completely devalued.

    RSS is still a great concept, just not for link building.
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      is RSSBot still a good software for RSS submissions?

      How often are the aggregator lists tested and upgraded?
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        that is a great explanation enSo.thanks a ton.
        khenmhike, thanks.
        bay37, thanks. i get the feeling that you are correct, rss is not valued much by google.
        i do like the concept though. i will keep submitting the feed just to get indexed faster and if i get a link then its just gravy.

        thanks again.
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          This thread helps me too to learn about RSS feeds. thanks for all your inputs and looking forward to see more.
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        Originally Posted by TomOgden View Post

        is RSSBot still a good software for RSS submissions?

        How often are the aggregator lists tested and upgraded?
        I am still using rssbot and I think its still doing a good job! Not sure how long ago it was updated though but it certainly save me lots of time doing it manually
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    RSS Submit will automatically and quickly submit your RSS feeds or podcast to most of existing RSS directories and RSS search engines. Currently, ExtraLabs RSS Submit is the most reliable, powerful and popular tool for submitting RSS feeds.

    It is really easy to work with RSS Submit. Essentially everything you need to do is to specify a link to the RSS feed and click the "Start" button! Due to the integrated feed discovery tool, you can enter only the domain of your site. Moreover, the software will fill out all necessary fields and check your RSS feed for problems.
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    RSS feeds are basically simple text files that, once submitted to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it's updated.
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