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Good day Warriors...

Am a newbie to IM. I have been facing a lot of difficulties managing my websites. I wonder how people make money online, because i have not made a cent since i started 5 months ago. People tell me to have patience, i don't know how much patience am going 2 have? But am not giving up until i make some money.

My site was ranked on the first page of Google for some weeks and i could not make a sale. To make matter worst, my site is presently not in first 100 pages of Google. I don't know why? I have been waiting for weeks for weeks but no change. What do i need to do to get it back there?

I have other sites i have been trying to rank for, i have continuously been build backlinks for them but i have not seen any improvement. No traffic coming in and when i check to see how many links i have build, i can't find a single link. I don't understand why?

Please i need some assistance....i hope to get your responses.
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    I had a look at your links in your signature box.

    You may want to rethink about using trademarks in your domains. Too risky imo. You may be forced to shut these sites down or worse still, prosecuted.

    I honestly believe it is difficult to make money with just Amazon. You may want to include Kontera or Adsense ads as well, or maybe some other affiliates.
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