Adsense doesn't pay... time wasted?

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Hello there,
I made a website that in the first days was paying 1$/click or more... than dropped ! Now I'm earning 10/20 cents per click
****, I didn't change the main keyword or something... how can this happend?
thanks for any hints
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    earning with adsense is really hard but there are those who earn big. Just make sure you do some research and testing.
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      post keyword rich content on your blog and test different ad positions 728x90 works better than any other and when the bidding is higher then you will get more money even for one click.the rate and earnings per click depends on the numbers of advertisers are competing to advertise on your blog
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    I have had the same thing happen to me a couple times, the keyword was supposed to pay $4-5 but all the clicks after a month or so went from $2 to .10 cents.

    Other sites though that should only be paying a $1 are getting much more.

    It's sort of a lottery with them.
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      It's not a lottery. There are many things that affect your CPC, most
      notably is the quality of your page and visitors that you are getting.
      Over time, google settles in to what your site should get.

      There is no way anyone can know what their page will get. Google
      rewards adwords users with lower CPC. They reward better performing
      sites with better performing ads, which might lower the CPC. In the
      long run, your site should make more money if you are doing the right
      things. If not, you will be demoted and get a much lower CPC.

      Adsense users have some sort of a "quality score", just like adwords users.

      If you get mindless clicks with no buyers, your CPC will take a nose dive, as
      google lowers the price to pump up ROI for adwords users.

      They look out for adwords users first, not free adsense publishers.

      The niche is actually secondary, contrary to popular belief. The more
      targeted visitors you get, the more buyers you get, the more adwords users
      you have bidding on your site. This will eventually drive the CPC up. If you
      go the opposite, google devalues your site and puts lesser quality ads on it.

      Google would rather have 1 click equal 1 buyer, rather than 10 clicks equal
      zero buyers. The second person will be demoted.

      Pump up your targeted traffic, and the rest falls into place. But it will take


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    great! Thanks everyone
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    There are really two things going on.

    1) You guys got smart priced. Google has an adwords policy called smart pricing, where if one of their good customers complains that none of the clicks are converting, then Google lowers the price per click to a nickel a click or something like that.

    2) Google now tailors adsense ads to the viewer. If I go to a site, (let's say Youtube for this example) and I watch a video, regardless of what it is about, I am going to get ads for hemorrhoid cream and expensive whiskey, because Youtube/Google knows my age. If my wife goes to the same site, she will most likely see ads for Estee Lauder makeup, because she has ordered the stuff online before.

    If you want high dollar clicks, tailoring your site to high dollar keywords is not enough. Do that without regard to where your traffic is coming from and you will get smart priced. You need to take a good look at your audience demographic as well. Bring in folks with money, you will get high dollar clicks. Bring in deadbeats, and you get smart priced.
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    Yeah...believe me I FEEL your pain.

    You need allot of traffic to make cash with Adsense. Allot!!!

    It's the easiest method of income AFTER you have that traffic.

    Not for everyone, but man!!!! When it works it's THE LIFE!

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