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I have some money to burn with adwords and want to promote some affiliate products but their rules are very tight.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good product to promote without getting slapped? or have any cool adwords strategies?

Many thanks.
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    You'll probably find it quite difficult if you're new to Adwords and you might want to stay away from super competitive areas such as fitness.

    "Thin affiliate sites" can get you into trouble so be careful about landing page quality and don't overlook physical products particularly if you're building your own website.

    Best of luck and hope you can get to grips with it pretty quickly.

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    Hi Tom,

    When i got in your situation a year back i did Frank Kern's Screw google. This course tells you how to promote your products through yahoo. I got my campaign set as shown in the videos and got a few results. However you should take care that the way frank kern is setting the adgroup may not be suitable for your niche (if you choose to promote). So, be careful while making the adgroups and choose the right product or else be ready to spend some extra bucks for nothing.

    Advantage: If you choose right product and have good adgroups you do not even need a landing page to promote your website. You can start the campaign almost instantly!!

    Here is a review i found for you:
    Review of Frank Kern’s Screw Google System | Quickregister Marketing Blog


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    Look for my recent post in the main forum. I explained why Google hates affiliate sites (tongue in cheek, of course).

    Build a site that offers value instead of a bunch of affiliate links and you won't have any problems. My Amazon product review sites are usually approved without much drama. I usually recommend that you present your affiliate site as more of an ecommerce site.

    In reality, Google doesn't hate affiliate sites. They hate sucky sites, many of which happen to be poorly-designed affiliate sites.
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