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Hey everyone!

I currently have a couple of websites that I have hosted on a business account through - I have been very happy with their service and have experienced no noticeable downtime. I first signed up because cNet recommended them and there was a 50% off coupon for your first year. This year was full price which I still felt wasn't a bad deal at just over $100.

My plan only gives me six add-on domains. Since I'm VERY excited about getting a micro-niche business started. I looked at hostgator and they have an unlimited domain plan that costs about the same as my current one. Their domains are crazy expensive though, but I know I can register them elsewhere.

So, my question is, where and why do you host your sites and where do you buy your domains? I'm pretty broke since the job market here SUCKS and right now I'm supporting a family of 4 on a part-time job. Not so easy. I think this could be a way for me to make a decent supplemental income (if not a full-time one!). I'm pretty web-saavy and I learn quickly, so that's to my advantage. Plus, I have all of you geniuses showing me that it can be done and offering invaluable advice. I appreciate all of you.
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    i use crazy domains coz they have a local server (australia) it makes it faster but not really noticeable at times. support is local too and not outsourced. i buy my domains from them as well. never experienced any downtime yet.

    i have seen multiple webinars touching on branding and usually IM'ers go for hostgator as a host namecheap for domains.

    from one of the webinars i attended, it was mentioned that some hosting sites are being tight on make money websites. it was g daddy as i recall. but i cant say for sure...


    P.S. i read somewhere in the forum that there was a hosting company that actually offers 6 months free hosting. i think it was on a signature of one of the warriors.
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    There is plenty of web hosting provider out there, Just Google the keyword " Web Hosting " and check around for a good one for you,

    Also about the uptime, it is important to have a good uptime but how do you ensure it since all hosting providers Claim they have 99.9% uptime ?

    here is the answer, take the IP of the Hosting Company and go to the IP lookup and check the DC name

    for example it must be a popular and reputed Datacenter

    BurstNET ( HostNOC )

    Those have a good uptime Liquideweb also does,

    Feel free to drop me a PM or post here any question you may have.

    Best Regards,

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      Thanks for the responses. I also wanted to ask, is there any reason why I should register the domain privately?
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        Originally Posted by OKFarmgirl View Post

        Thanks for the responses. I also wanted to ask, is there any reason why I should register the domain privately?

        it depend on you, for example if you do not want people to see your personal informations such as your name and adresse, then go for it this can protect you from spam aswell

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    It totally depends on you. If u dont want to show your personal infos on people's eyes, u can think using whoisguard service.

    FYI used to have a free private whois protection service which has been cacelled last year.

    Namecheap offer 1 year free whoisguard whenever you register or transfer a new domain to them
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