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What is the rule of thumb on building websites that contain registered company names? Like let's say I wanted to make a site called healthykellogscereals.com. (Just an example). Is there a trademark infringement there? Or do they not care because you're driving traffic to them via ads? I see a lot of underrepresented companies where they have the #1 slot, but the rest are really low ranked sites. Ideas?
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    This would be copyright infringement in my opinion and companies do care if they are paying attention. People do it and the first step of losing your domain name would likely be a cease and desist letter, but it may eventually catch up with you.

    Better to find the best keyword phrase available using tools like Traffic Travis and Micro Nice Finder then target those without the brand name. You don't need the brand to make the money when on the Web.
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      It depends on the company and what you use it for.
      Plenty of people get away with, perfectly legal.

      If you choose to put adsense on it, then the rules change.
      Google frowns on using trademarks on adsense pages.

      The pages that use company names in domains are probably
      in the millions. Perfectly legit. Just do a search for adsense
      secrets, as an example. Joel Comm wins with adsense-secrets.com
      He puts a legal disclaimer:
      Google and Google AdSense are trademarks of Google Inc., and UPS is a trademark of
      United Parcel Service of America, Inc. Neither are associated or affiliated with AdSense-
      secrets.com or InfoMedia, Inc.

      Walmartsucks.org puts this one:
      "this site is not affiliated with wal-mart in any way (in case you're one brick shy of a load,
      and need that explained)"


      Ever been to ipad.net? They even have adsense. ipad is in a zillion domains.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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