Beating Out Sites Like EHow and WikiHow?

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Just wanted to know how easy it is to beat authority sites like EHow and WikiHow? It seems like Google pretty much reference them for any "how to question".

Anybody has input on this?
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    i dont think ehow and wiki is difficult to beat. I alway try to rank for any keyword that i see those kinds of site rank on first page cuz it give me feel of ranking better than those sites too
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    I was thinking about setting my own "how to" site, but was concerned about competition from these sites.

    However I did notice ezine articles and YouTube listed above EHow on some of the search terms I researched.

    But I see them no.1 often for many terms, which kinda makes me want to put the brakes on this campaign, especially since I was thinking of writing some 40 to 50, 1000 words posts myself.
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    Ehow is very good at internal linking to related keyword pages.

    Do the same + more internal linking + external anchor-text backlinking.

    Here is an ehow example:

    1) Google search for how partition hard drive

    2) Backlinks from Yahoo Explorer says they have a total of 139 backlinks (internal + external), 43 external links, & 96 internal links. They rank #1 for the longtail (how partition hard drive)
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    surely google will prefer these sites bcz of their rank
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      Originally Posted by techwpblog View Post

      surely google will prefer these sites bcz of their rank
      They started out with a single web page just like we do.
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    A keyword rich domain, proper on-page SEO, and a ton of backlinks can help beat authority sites.
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    OP, I think you would have better luck beating the big dogs by only targeting a specific niche.

    In my example search above computer/tech niche only, instead of trying to rank for so many random "How To" longtails like ehow does.

    This will help with related internal linking, since the entire site is related to everything in some form or another.
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    You can surely out rank ehow. Just target long tail keywords and build more backlinks then them.
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    Certainly guys, thanks for the helpful tips and suggestions.

    I fired up Micro Niche Finder and was delighted to see many "how to" terms with little competition.

    Yukon, I dont have the stomach the for niche sites. Too much work setting up so many blogs and finding content seems so much harder for me.

    I would like to build an authority site, and if nothing else be able to sell it back for something.

    Someone also suggested doing videos and linking to my main site.
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    When you see ehow / wikihow with the exact keyword that you are wanting to rank within their page title, it might be harder to outrank.
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    Anyone else care to weigh on this?
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    I think these days it is hard to outrank ehow and wikihow due to their authority.

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