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What are the key tings to remember when doing search engine optimization?
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    backlinks, search engine advertising, etc

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      On page: Relevant domain for keywords you are tyring to optimise for. 2 year minimum domain registration period-shows google you are serious. Keywords in site title and in description tags.Good LSI (related keywords to main keyword throughout site content). Out bound links to related authority sites.Site map,Privacy Policy,Disclaimer, if applicable, in footer.

      Off page: All about relevant quality backlinks really. From relevant authority sites is best, or with good page rank. If using articles make sure that you vary the anchor text links and point to specific pages related to that anchor text within the site as well as your homepage.
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    Good SEO involves the following:

    Thorough KW Research: Find, research, and analyze all potential keywords your target market would be using to identify your product/service/website. Not only is the search volume important, but the competitiveness of the keyword is as well. I like to see how many other websites are actively optimizing for such keywords. A good way to do this is by using Google Search Operators, something like:

    inurl:'keywords" - How many site have the keyword in their URL
    intitle:"keywords" - How many sites have the keyword in their title tag
    inurl:"keywords" intitle:"keywords" - combination of the two.

    Site Diagnostics: You can use a free tool, Xenu, to run a site diagnostics test on your website to identify http status code issues (improper redirects, 404s, etc.). Is your site architecture and folder structure easy for search engines to follow? Eliminate all existing technical problems with your website.

    Page Optimization: This includes optimizing domain & URLs, title, meta tags, content. Do not spam these components with keywords, rather work them in naturally and strategically. Strong internal linking, optimized images (alt text), create and submit an xml sitemap, 2 year minimum domain registration, fast loading time of website, etc. While taking all of these factors into consideration, still ensure that you have a user-friendly website if you want your traffic to stay.

    Link Building: Link building is extremely important to increasing organic traffic through SEO. Optimizing the anchor text of your backlinks is critical. However, be sure to create a diversified link portfolio - if all of your backlinks have aggressive anchor text (all 5k of your external links have 'Buy Rubber Chickens'), Google will realize that this site is not gaining natural occurring links and you will most likely be penalized. So, diversify the anchor text (spread the love with different keywords, and branded terms) and diversify the types of websites you are gaining links from. Directories, forums, social bookmarking, social media (twitter, facebook, etc.), articles, partner websites, blog posts, commenting, .edu/.gov domains, etc etc. There are other strategies you can use such as building widgets/themes, creating contests, and so on.

    Constant Analysis: You should have Google Analytics (and Webmaster Tools) on all pages of your website. It is essential in analyzing your traffic and understanding what keywords are successful and what keywords are not working, and continue to optimize your site as you weed out the bad keywords.

    I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff, just quickly replying . I hope this helps you with standard practices of search engine optimization.

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    there is no such key to search engines, you have to perform things, experiment them and then wait for the results to come
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    Always remember to use only white hat techniques or methods that only Search Engines want.

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    In on page, I think every techniques is the key feature and any single fault can harms your site.
    In off page, what else is important except link building??
    But after optimizing the site keep more attention on the content and quality link buildings.

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    it's interesting how some people say that relevant domains are best for search engine optimization. For example, if you have a search engine blog, you would want to buy the domain

    But Google says that they will discount the relevancy of domain names in the future.

    Free ebooks about how to make lots of money online! Lots of free ebooks about how to make money online with just a little bit of effort.

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      @china9 - Domain name is currently a ranking factor, but you are correct about Google's standing regarding that.

      However, the reason people like to use exact match domain names ( is because when others naturally link back to your site, they will typically use your brand name. Thus your keyword is your brand name and you receive more targeted anchor text links.

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