First time I've ever been punched by Google...

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Having knocked out about 10 affiliate sites over the past 6 weeks it seems inevitable that I may run into trouble with Google in some way, at some point.

However I didn't expect this.

One of my sites - usually gets around 15-20 uniques/day, has been completed knocked out for all it's keywords. It's still indexed, there are still around 140 pages indexed, but it doesn't rank. At all. I WAS getting loads of longtail traffic from indexed tags on my posts, but not any more.

This blog was set up to drip feed content daily (at different times). The content was always about a paragraph of text, plus an image, and link to Amazon. the copy was always original and well written, plus there are 3 other static pages on the site which consists of around 2000 original words.

It really bugs me that Google has probably deemed this an "auto blog" because it drip feeds small amounts of content which links to an affiliate page on a daily basis.

What am I going to do about this? for a start I'm going to keep adding content, I might expand my words a little, and I'm also going to steadily backlink to the sites inner pages. Hoping this makes Google turn around and wake up, and stop giving me such a hard time.
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    anybody else experienced this?
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      Besides your own writing, did you copy anything directly from Amazon, specifications for example? Reason I'm asking is because I had a similar review site as yours which didn't rank anymore. After deleting the copied specs it got back to were it was almost immediately.
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    not at all, i loathe low quality sites. i always try to offer value, which is why it makes me angry that my site has clearly been regarded as spam. just trying to make a living, exactly the same as any other person selling goods online!
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      File a reconsideration request, they'll sort it out for you trust me ...

      Requesting reconsideration of your site - Webmaster Tools Help
      'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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        If you built some links to the site recently you might be doing the Google dance to where it's normal for your site to disappear for a few days and then come back stronger than usual.

        Give it a week or 2 and see. Your site will come back I'm sure of it.

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          Originally Posted by jan roos View Post

          If you built some links to the site recently you might be doing the Google dance to where it's normal for your site to disappear for a few days and then come back stronger than usual.

          Give it a week or 2 and see. Your site will come back I'm sure of it.


          Well, if you are building links through directory submission and social book marking then you may not have Google Dance as these two doesn't let your site fluctuate at SERP!

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    My sites do the same thing - one site for example, appeared within a few days after initial creation on the second page of Google - and I slowly built about 50 links, articles and blog commenting... it disappeared completely a few weeks later - not in the first 1,000 listings.

    Gone for several weeks, today, traffic suddenly shot up, and I took a trip to to see where my site was, it was sitting at #5 for it's primary keyword.

    Nothing has changed... it's just the Google dance...

    Keep building backlinks, and the ranking will come...

    Attached, here's a Piwik report showing that site:
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      How interesting...
      The same thing happened to me. There seems to be a pattern.

      I have a blog with ten informational articles and five very detailed reviews(1000 words or more) with amazon links.
      They all ranked on the first page, rising slowly but steadily....and then this.

      This is my first website, so I'm a bit frustrated,to say the least.

      Had 20-25 uniques a day.

      On the 18.02. I made my second sale - a whopping 7$!!

      On the 19.02. it was gone...

      Not a single keyword ranking.

      The only thing that's keeping me from freaking out is the fact that this seems to be temporary. I'll do some more backlinking for a couple of weeks to see if it makes any difference.
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    Yeah, this topic comes up too often for it to be coincidence - there seems to be a 'fresh index' phenomenon whereby your site gets a little chance in the top 10 before disappearing again and then reemerging at it's rightful place. I currently have a site that's been up and down like a yoyo, hopefully it'll end on the 'up', preferably near the top of page one The cycle's been going on for a few weeks now, though.

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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