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This below is on the homepage of MNF. I have no access to use it. Are any users of MNF experiencing the same ?

We are aware of a problem with searching.
Google has (again) made changes to the Keyword Tool site. As a result, Micro Niche Finder is unable to locate the "Columns" button while searching.
We are working on an update. We appreciate your patience.

Any replies appreciated : )

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  • Profile picture of the author Carpe Diem
    Hi ads,
    Yes, I got the problem on Wednesday and submitted a ticket. Then the
    issue went away and MNF worked fine later that day, Sooooo I submitted
    a ticket to that affect. I just now opened MNF and there's a temporary fix.

    They'll get it fixed they always do, and they are great at improving and staying on top of changes.

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    Thanks Dave,

    Appreciate the reply,

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    They have this in MNF's home page:

    A New Update is Available!
    Please note: Brainstorm, Hot Trends, LSI and Buying Keywords searches are temporarily disabled in this version!!!
    Changes in this new update include:
    • Corrected a problem with "Cannot find the Columns button", which prevented Micro Niche Finder from completing searches
    • Added Google AdWords Login integration (use the Search Settings tab on the Options window to enter the login information)
    • Updated parsing engines for more than 100 results
    • Added ability to retrieve up to 800 results (if using AdWords login integration)
    • Several minor fixes and enhancements
    • Search trends display the month and year for Organic, Narrow Dig and Broad Dig searches
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    Thing is, i have updated & its still not working, lol. If you have updated can you let us know if its working or not ?

    Cheers, Ads
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    I Updated MNF today but it doesn't work.

    I have such error in LOG file

    Error #: 1
    Method: valid
    Line #: 1
    Details: File 'regexp.prg' does not exist.

    Who knows how to fix it?
    updating my browser now... but i'm not sure it will fix the problem.
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    hm this MNF tool is still actual? I guess i have to try it as compliment to my MS
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    So can anybody say please, if 5.4.5 MNF working or not correctly now? plz.

    Best regards
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      I just updated and it seems to be working just fine. I have had no problems with any update that has been supplied.

      Get information on growing older and healthier.

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        It's working, but very slow in bringing in all the keyword information.
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    Mine doesnt pass the 6% completion mark when searching for the keywords.
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      My mistake. I was obviously in the wrong thread. I was referring to Niche Finder, not Micro Niche Finder.
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    Thank you for your replies! I fixed it now, that's great! So in my case- MNF stopped working on WIN XP SP3 + IE8 with updates.. Reinstalled it on WIN 7 - everything became ok, BUT - the AD COST is something wrong. for example- "payday loans" =2,460 . "payday loans online" - 405.00 and this number looks like a total searches count / 100 .

    "fast cash loans " searches :12100 , AD cost: 121.00

    arrrgh ..what can be wrong now?
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