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Hi guys,

Good day to you all here.

I am new in Internet Marketing field. Currently i am just a part-timer.
I have a question about SEO software here. As what i understand is SEO is important for your website to get high rank in search engine. Most of the time we need to do our website properly, full of useful and helpful as well as unique content and of course a good keyword, then only we have the good chance to get index my search engine.It is taking alot of time.

But, recently i saw some software,so call "SEO Software" which is helping us to get high and good ranking in search engine in short time. I was wondering whether this kind of software really can help us for SEO?

Anyone here had tried before? Please share to me and everyone here. Can anyone here recommend the good SEO software for me if it is really useful.

Thank you guys.

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    I only use seo tools for monitoring my link popularity and not for my backlinking campaign. Because getting backlinks manually generates more traffic.

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    Hi guys.

    I still do not understand what is the usage or function of these SEO software existed in the market? Does it really help internet Marketer to get high ranking in search engine after using it? Please advice, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Thanks much...
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    It depends what you want to use the software for?
    Market samuri is a very good tool for keyword research and also competition analysis.
    there are many good tools on the market all of which are designed to save you time.
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    Manual links are much better than automatic links but they take a long time to build so you really need to think about what links you building!
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    Seo tools have become one of the major weapons in the search marketer's arsenal. There's no question whether to use software for Seo or not.Even those few advocates of fully manual Seo also use different tools in their daily optimization activities.And although skills and knowledge are extremely important,equipment is also high up on the priority list.
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    i agree with you RossChops.
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    Depends on what the software does I guess. If it is something that sends thousands of links out to sites it might do more harm than good. If it is just some kind of software that gives statistics and recommendations nothing wrong with that if it is accurate.
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    I think doing manual links is still much better and safer.
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    Originally Posted by imyours View Post

    you can look in goggle.
    you can find a lot of SEO tools there.
    Indeed. Thumbs up!
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    I agree with jonnyhardbaked, getting back links manually is better for the site and will get more traffic. one quality back links is better than hundreds of spam links, most softwares make that kinda spam links.
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