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Has any warriors tried the service of The Link Juicer $47 monthly subscription for which you get about 1500 natural links?

Any feedback of this service will be appreciated as im looking to cancel my subscriptions to

Linklicious - $14.99 monthly
Backlinkbooster.com - $39 monthly

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    IMHO, not worth it; all links on PR0 web2.0 properties; from my experience the vast majority of the links do not get indexed.
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    Not worth it in my opinion. I used the service for a few months and saw no improvements of any sorts. I would try BuildMyRank.com as you can create 10 links a day from unique manually created posts of 150 words. I see results almost immediately when all of the ten posts go live and I haven't found a better service that yields results as good yet.
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    I haven't tried that yet. But I am planning to try it too. I'll let you know the results eventually.
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      IMHO, not worth it; all links on PR0 web2.0 properties; from my experience the vast majority of the links do not get indexed.
      My thoughts exactly. I had it for about 6 months, and I didn't feel like it really boosted my sites in the SERPs as much as it should've. Low index rate, even when you ping the crap out of the links and put them in RSS feeds.
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        i think spinning articles in general has taken a huge drive and not really worth the effort any more.

        I've seen dwindling results from services like senuke, article marketing robots and ofcourse thelinkjuicer.

        Don't get me wrong, i do manually spin articles to a very high degree and it sort of reads OK, the typical high level spin, spin each word with at least 4 synonyms, and then spin each sentence with 3 alternative sentences, the end result is that you can post links to hundreds of different pages and only find a couple of matches on copyscape.

        At one point I used to see an almost immediate improvement in rankings, after a submission. But these days I don't see any improvement in ranking at all.

        I think google has become wiser to spinning articles, it's so easy to detect, just apply spelling and grammer check to an article, see if it makes any legible sense.

        I think the effect of this dwindled round about the farmer update. I even had two of my sites get sandboxed that used solely spinning articles to rank

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    Complete waste of money. Links do not get indexed at all. I gave it a six month shot with absolutely no benefit to rankings.

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