What are footprints? and questions about scrapebox

by yunie6
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As you would have probably know, I am really new to IM. I read about scrapebox recently and everyone was raving about it. I went to their sales page, read through the whole thing and realised something, i dont know much sh*t about what scrapebox actually does.

Ok fine. I understand the things that they said in there but just not intelligent enough to understand what is so good about the things said.

Any experts care to enlighten me in simple terms?

What does the scrape in scrapebox does?
What about harvesting links?
Trackback posting - your blog post need to have reference to others blog post in order to get a trackback posting isn't it?
What are footprints and why search for it?
Is scrapebox useful and worth buying? (especially with the google search update recently)

thank you so much for helping.
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    You should watch the ScrapeBox videos at YouTube before even asking these basic questions. No offence, but personally, I went to do my own homework (watching ALL of the videos at YouTube and rewatching because some parts are technical) even before buying the software itself.

    The tool will only become good if the user is good at using it. Just something for you to know.

    Hope this helps.

    Your questions are REALLY basic though. All answers can be found if you do your homework and watch the tutorial videos.

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      i appreciate your reply and i did some simple research by googling. I know its a lil basic but it's usually the basic questions that are not answered in the internet. I didn't check the youtube videos as I thought I wouldn't understand it anyway.

      Thanks again for this.
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