Backlinks on multiple sites? Best way?

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So I am wondering what is the best way to focus my backlinks.

Should I make tons of back links on one site?

Or a medium amount of backlinks on a small number of sites?

Or 1 back link on many sites?

Obviously the best would be many backlinks on many sites, but given that I dont have tons of time. . . .
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    If you don't have much time to build many links, just build links as much as you can.

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    Of course, but is no method above better than the other?

    I think you should Be Free from hatred, stress or anything else bad in your life (:

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    What do you mean by "backlinks on a site".

    Do you mean "backlinks to a site"?

    Take what opportunity you get. If you have a page that will allow you to link to a few different pages then do it. The benefit should be diminishing but there will be still some benefit.

    Just don't go ridiculous with a list of 30 links to the same domain on the one page or something like that. Diversity is good but don't give up opportunities if you don't have to.
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    I am talking backlinks like in my signature here at warrior forums. Or in a popular dofollow blog. Will me posting alot here (one site) help the website in my sig? Or should I spend more time posting to other websites? (less backlinks here, more backlinks elsewhere)

    I think you should Be Free from hatred, stress or anything else bad in your life (:

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    My suggestion is... get your website really popular to an audience of bloggers.

    Here is normally how backlinks work and what google loves.

    They love it when a website gets attention and people blog about the page and
    what they saw on that page, which ends up giving you a link back to the website.

    However, this takes a long time, normally it happens when you start getting targetted
    traffic to your site and webmasters want to write about you to help their rankings and yours.

    What you can do to speed up the process is to get a package of
    backlinks and do the work yourself or outsource it to save you time.

    The options are yours but I would suggest getting a package together and start linking.

    Don't worry about medium source or 1 backlinks on many sites. Just try to focus
    on getting it done through methods that can help you get ranking and traffic now.

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    Quality over quantity. This is especially true after the last guugle update. The more you spam the less guugle cares.


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    Right on thank you.

    I think you should Be Free from hatred, stress or anything else bad in your life (:

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    Yes. Quality definitely.
    You need traffic, content, and quality. Otherwise with G, they'll just ignore you.

    Don't spam tho!
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    Getting a quality link is equal to thousand non-quality links. So try to get quality links.
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    Backlinks in forum sigs are all fine and good, but they're not as high quality as links from highly authoritative sites (think popular and high traffic) in related fields. Ex: if you've got a blog on raising tropical fish and get a backlink (or even 2 or 4) from say a popular site on robots, it's not going to matter as much as a link from another on fish. Even a site on pets would be way better.

    Variety of sites is also important. Look up Matt Cutts' blog article on PageRank Sculpting from Jun 2009. It has a useful diagram on PageRank and shows in part how it works.

    Best of luck!
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