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Hey guys!

I'm just wondering any of you guys know of where I can get a solid freelance filipino SEO guy to do my linkbuilding, copy/article writing, etc.

I've heard there are websites where you can find yourself a decent contractor in the phillippines who you can hire for pennies... I'm working fulltime/overtime and don't have any time for the manual SEO work.

Was it freelance.com or something similar?

In fact any filipinos here offering their services? (i'm just infatuated with the Philippines i guess)

I have a list of exactly WHAT links I want made, and I know exactly how I want them made.... I just need someone to manually execute them, nothing fancy.

btw, I'm not looking to buy links, buy an seo package, or buy spamming software (which i already have)... I just need someones time.
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