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I know Google has implemented a major change to their algorithm but I am unsure if this is the cause.
3-4 months ago I created a new website watch-full-movies-online.biz and I have seen a consistent and steady climb in Google SERPs. As of a couple of days ago most pages ranked between position 2-80 for their targeted keyword phrases, but all of sudden they are gone. And when I do the Google search "site:http//domain" I get NO results.

I really cannot see that I have done any excessive link building to cause sand boxing. I use bookmarking and blog comments. The only thing I can think of is that I over the past 2-3 days have pinged 300 bookmark pages. Could this have been the cause?

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    your site is not deindexed.

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    i just did the google search site:watch-full-movies-online.biz and your site is still indexed.
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    What have you done seo wise over the last 60 days?

    Are you scrapping content, and if so how unique is the text and html ?
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    I guess you have a lot of competitive keywords and that's why your keywords drop. Note: your not the only one who can do SEO, so you better compete on them until you get a high page rank and a huge popularity.
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    I think, your site need time for again getting in search engine position.

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      Originally Posted by Alina Tru View Post

      I think, your site need time for again getting in search engine position.
      your site is still in Google's page. But I don't know the keyword you are targeting. Massive link generation is slapped by Google. So you may see your site back ranking as before. If you have not done any automated link building then no need to worry about the change with the Google's algorithm.


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    I think google already has applied new algorithm so that website that do massive auto link building will be slapped. I have auto bookmarked one of my sites, now it's rank drop drastically. The rule of the game has changed,it's no space for those do spam!!
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    It's totally normal for your site to "disappear" in ranking from time to time.

    Just give it time and it will reappear.

    It can be discouraging when you see it happen, but who can know the mind of Google?
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      I think may be its happened because of google algorithm
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        Hi all,

        Thank you for the feedback. I just checked and it appears there are still lots of pages from the site in Google, but i swear I couldn't find them 24 hours ago and thought this would only happen if the site was banned and I would still see them even if the rankings had been dropped significantly.

        Rankings have still dropped tremendously. I have only used a little bit of comment spam but not much and only on a few pages. I mainly do manual comments on highly relevant blogs giving relevant answers/comments. And a great deal of bookmarking of cause.

        I suppose if Google is deep crawling right now it would explain a lot. I have tried to check this with the tool on seochat.com but it still returns the "server not found" error for www2 and www3.google.com.

        To answer "OrganicSeoGuru":
        No I do not scrape content. Everything on the site is my very own words. I am not even reading articles and re-writing them. With regard to link building as I said I mainly seek out relevant blog posts and give useful comments and also employ some trackbacking. I have a bookmark account of my own on some 30ish sites where I do posts (mixed with a few other bookmarks). For a while a couple of months back I used BookmarkDeamon a lot and realizing those links weren't getting indexed I started pinging all of the a few days ago. That is it. NO profile links.
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    I think you have to wait few more days for another result

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