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Hi Everyone,

I'm new at SEO and keyword research. I am using Market Samurai as my research tool, and I was wondering if I could ask for your help to identify the best key word to target for my niche. I do plan on incorporating all of them into my site, but I wanted to start with one. If you could give me your input on these keywords, I would appreciate it. This is all new to me

I'm too new to post pictures, but here are my keywords (Searches, SEO Traffic, and SEO Value / Day):

Searches | SEO Traffic | PBR | SEO Value | Average PR/Backlinks of Current Top 10

1: 730 | 307 | 20% | 2311.33 | 1.9 / 7k-60k
2: 325 | 137 | 24% | 822.94 | 2.3 / 7k-60k
3: 398 | 167 | 82% | 589.79 | 1.6 / 7k-60k

I'm wondering if the PBR (Phrase-to-broad) value of #1 is too low. It seems like the best value because the SEOV is crazy high. That is like $70k a month. #3 has the highest PBR, but also the lowest SEOV. #2 doesn't seem worth it because of the PR competetion. Might be a little too hard to get into the top page of Google.

I'm wondering which keywords to target, and if I should be looking at any other metric to see if this is a profitable niche to jump into.

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    Start optimising your site starting from kw 1,
    The key to choosing a keyword is should have high search count and acceptable results.
    A live example - sex has endless daily searches, look into google for results will be several trillion :p.
    Whereas something like "how to xyz" will have a few thousand searches but xxx,xxx or a few more than that results, so i would select a few more related keywords and start working on that .
    I hope you get the basic idea.
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