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Hi People,

I need to ask a favour,

I have just setup a blog which is going to be a review site for physical products in the sport niche. Now I have realised that where I want to take this site will be the adsense route if it is profitable enough.

I am currently in the setting up stage and am still posting content to the site but will start driving traffic to it next week. I know abotu driving traffic through articles, social bookmarks and SEO and will be using these ways first to hopefully build backlinks.

I have a few questions though,

1. How do you install adsense on a WP Blog on every page and choose how big and where to put the ads???

I currently have a Adsense Manager Plugin and thought I had put adsense on the site when I was testing but have found that I haven't? So am a little lost?

2. What sort of income can you possibly be looking at through adsense? and do you get pais just for a click on an advert?

I know there is no solid answer to the first part of this question and results vary on work put in, but can some people give me ideas on what there sites pull on average from adsense? And how automated it can be after a while? (Inspiration Needed here to see if Adsense is the way to go!)

3. How do you get paid with adsense, Cheque or paypal? and how often etc.???

These are real newbie questions as I am not at all up to speed with adsense and need to be for this project!

Thanks in Advance,

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    Well lets see, where do I begin? First of all there are good plugins available that will size and place ad blocks for you that are targeted. When you upload the plugins make sure to activate them in your WP admin or it will not work.

    You will get paid per click and it depends on the niche you are in as to how much per click.

    Google will pay you by check or direct deposit and will pay when your account reaches 100 USD.

    I have a couple of free ebooks that will teach you the basics if you are interested PM me and I'll send you the download links.
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    You may find this article I wrote back in August helpful: Adsense Optimization Tips | Money Saving Reviews | Money Saving Buying Guides | OpTempo

    As to your questions...

    1. Show only one ad per page and have it directly in the content. I prefer the large rectangle for this. I code everything by hand to insure the placement I want so I can't really help you with plugins.

    2. As for earnings, I want a niche site to average $1 a day. I do have sites that earn more than that though. What you earn per click depends a lot on the particular niche, amount of traffic, the quality of your site and many other factors.

    3. Direct deposit into my bank account is how I get paid. They'll do the direct deposit or a check in the mail. They don't do PayPal.
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    Wow, thanks people, this is great stuff. I will start my learning right away!

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    If you want to put Adsense on each page, you can edit your theme/template or you can install the Adsense Deluxe Plugin which allows you to insert Adsense into your posts.

    Mommy Enterprises
    Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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