Is it wise? Google adsense on new website?

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Google adsense is usually one of the income source people usually use in IM.

I have my adsense approved by Google a couple days back.

I need some advice. Is it wise to put the adsense on the new website of mine, or just wait until it's a bit crowded first, then put the adsense afterward.

I did some reading. And a lot of people got their adsense banned due to illegal Ads clicking by unknown party. It's a bit hard for me to get a new adsense approved, especially when I'm not in the USA / Canada.

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    As long as you follow the Adsense terms of service, it should not make a difference whether you put ads on a new site, or get some traffic first.

    Most people get banned for not following the TOS, although I have seen stories on the WF about people getting banned after being click bombed.
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    It would be good for you to read their T.O.S first and clear your doubts; you site is new
    so, a wise decision would be to promote it first instead of putting ads right away

    Because, new site == less traffic == less clicks == less/no income
    Under your adsense control panel you will find the option which says 'allowed sites' you can add the url of sites on which you are planning to run ads so that if someone is going to use your publisher id then you wouldn't have the fear to get banned

    Hope this helps

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    Yes and you should also try textlinkads to monetize your site.
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    why put adsense on a new site without any traffic ? No traffic, no click, no income
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      I do have some traffic, but it's still really low. I mean when I do a new campaign over twitter, I can get 100-200 clicks, but I'm just afraid that the adsense will get bombed by clicks, which in turn will get my adsense banned.

      I guess I'll up the traffic first before adding the adsense

      Thanks for the advice.
      You rocks.


      William Prawira

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