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I've been looking around for a simple tool that accepts an unlimited number of domains, and keywords, with a simple interface. It is actually pretty hard to find. I'm definitely willing to pay for it. It's just a matter of finding it.

Most programs I've found limit the number of keywords or domains, or have an extremely complicated interface with several other tools that I'll never use.

What do you all use to monitor your ranks? Or do you just do it by hand?
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    Depending on the number of keywords and website you want to track, i've used Rank Checker (SEOBook free tool). I can put a ton of keywords and urls into there, save it and track it whenever i want to. It doesn't get any simpler than that. The unfortunate thing is that you have to input them by hand. Using their add multiple keywords tool is helpful. Don't know if that will work for you, but it's what I use sometimes to track rankings (and only rankings).

    Here's a link: Rank Checker - Track Google, Yahoo! Search, & Bing Rankings Free
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      I use link assistants Rank Tracker, Its fantastic and a huge time saver as for me it contains our network plus our clients ranking details. You can try their free trial but you can not save your keywords or run off reports however the trial is good enough for you to see what yo get for your money
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        I'm a fan of Cute Rank Checker. You can track one site for free, after that, it's only $59.95 for unlimited sites.

        Link: CuteRank
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    Thank you all for your replies. CuteRank looks like exactly what I need, and it's a steal at $60 compared to some of the others I considered!
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      Originally Posted by gotmerunnin View Post

      Thank you all for your replies. CuteRank looks like exactly what I need, and it's a steal at $60 compared to some of the others I considered!
      I have also purchased the full license today. The best feature I like is the automatic update of keyword ranking on schedule.


      They have over 2300 Offers, Instant PayPal Payments and Free Training Articles.
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    i use market samurai rank tracker, can't live without it every day
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    We have used a lot of different softwares for Rank Tracking and the main problem we used to face at the scale we have to track is that none of them would give us accuracy.

    We used authority labs for some time but again we had accuracy issues and also they are not able to track google local rankings, infact mostly are not able to track google local / google pack rankings. They gave us good prices initially but then decided that they wont grandfather their old customers when they increased the prices.

    The one we are using these days is and we got in at the time of their private beta and have got a great deal with them doing 7000 keywords for almost 600 different sites all at 500 $ a month and the best part is these guys track local rankings and their white label solution allows us to give logins to all our clients on our site and keep a check on the rankings when ever they want.

    We also tried link assistant for a long time but again with desktop based softwares its always a pain and you need tonnes of proxies .. and we had a dedicated resource just running the software ..

    One stop solution for your SEO management needs, Fastest Evolving and Value for money:
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