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Is this feature new within Google?

Im seeing search results return with some pages showing "Block all results". When you mouse over the link it reads .."Not helpful? You can block all results when you are signed in to search"

Ive only just noticed this today.

Is it a new feature?
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    Yes, Google has launched this new feature to help searchers to refine the results they get for their queries - especially to block garbage sites that show up on the top. It is not clear whether Google would use that information in its ranking algorithm.
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    No, it is highly unlikely Google will include that data in their Search Engine Rankings algorithm. If they did, then everyone would just team up to de-rank their competitors' sites by mass blocking. So that is very highly unlikely.
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      Yes, Google has introduced this feature recently. Especially after JC Penny's case, Google likes to get the feedback of the websites that are listed in SERP's from the user itself ( i.e ) regarding websites content, whether it's useful to users or not.

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    I think they offered this feature as a chrome extension first and now it is available directly for every Google user.

    Great, so I can block all those trash sites. Do you know how hard it can be to get through to the actual music download shop if you want to buy a song? (I mean if you are not going for the most popular music but for independent artists) Most of the time all those pirated sites were ranking way higher but all they offered is some paid download services blah blah (blah blah means I wasn't even interested in downloading the song illegally for free. I want to support those independent artists, they need the money the most.)

    Haven't seen any of those for a while now in my search results.

    Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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      I like the idea of being able to block things out, there are to many times that sites that have nothing to do with that I am looking for come up. As long as you keep your site current and it actually has something to do with the relevant terms then you shouldn't run into any problems.
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