Google Adwords Staff is Unbelievable..

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It's a lot to type but I'll get to the point as quickly as possible for anyone that cares to read this story..

I have a weight loss website that I've promoted DOZENS of times on google adwords...

One day, I put the site under construction to work on it, and make sure I pause my campaign first, because don't want people going to a broken site...

The next day, my ads get disabled and all my quality scores go down to like 1 for every keyword and no ads showing, because of course none of my keywords included "under construction"..

So, no biggie, just a mistake... I email them and let them know I had the campaign paused during the construction period, and that now it's back up, to please reenable my campaign and unblock all my keywords from the 1 quality score...

I get a nice email back, saying my site would be rereviewed by a specialist who can reenable it in a few days...

A few days come, and I get an email informing me my ENTIRE ACCOUNT is suspended due to breaking landing page / website policies...

They say my claims of weight loss (which are 100% true and backed up by MOUNTAINS of undeniable proof and pictures) are fictional and unrealistic pretty much...

Yes, they suspended my account, for a site that had been approved dozens of times before, WITHOUT WARNING, basically calling my product bogus....

I emailed them back again, expressing these concerns... And was pretty much told to kick rocks... Well, they weren't that rude, but basically said I need to tell people the risks of my weight loss product... I have a disclaimer page, that says consult with your doctor first etc, and this is not medical advice...

I just sent another email saying, you guys didn't give me any warning... And I might try to promote other websites etc besides this one... why suspend my ENTIRE account without warning like that?

Bottom line, this whole scenario was ridiculous, and I'm done with google as far as PPC is concerned...

Hey, I'm just an internet marketer... Google is Google... What am I going to gain by being mad? If they can pull off treating half of their customers like this however, and still dominate the business, it truly will be amazing...

Everything happens for a reason though.. I'll go the facebook route, and google seo route.. This adwords crap gets ridiculously annoying, and in this case, outright unfair.

Just thought I'd share.
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    the really sad thing is that this isn't a unique story....Google does this to small business owners all day long. Some day their arrogance will come back to haunt them.

    Good luck with your Facebook journey (it can't be worse than Google!)

    "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."
    from Invictus by William Ernest Henley

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    Adwords + Affiliates == No

    Check how many clickbank people still are advertising with Adwords. 99% have been canned, the majority of people who had/have affiliate sites.

    If you wouldn't have had a weight loss site, they would have found another reason, believe me.

    So..relax, focus on better things like SEO.
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      Originally Posted by GeorgR. View Post

      If you wouldn't have had a weight loss site, they would have found another reason, believe me.
      Maybe, maybe not. Weight loss is sure way of getting the slam.
      If you were lucky to have had it go through, it was only a matter
      of time before they shut the door. You gave them a reason to
      take a looksy and they did what they realized they should have
      done in the first place.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    First, if your site was acceptable before, go back to it. Obviously, you changed something that you are now violating the guidelines. It could be you may have just slipped through the cracks before although that's unlikely. Even if you did, you have now got their attention.

    Next thing, Google is under no obligation to warn you. Having your ads suspended is really the warning. That's your clue that something is not right. It makes me laugh everytime I see a post saying they didn't get any warning. It's the advertiser's obligation to know and follow the rules. That's the warning. Ignore them and your ads will stop showing.

    > why suspend my ENTIRE account without warning like that?

    Yes, that's a bit extreme. If it was just one campaign out of many, it shouldn't really affect the whole account unless you have multiple violations.

    Now, there's a difference between a suspension and a ban. You can recover from a suspension but not a ban, at least not very easily. You will now have to check and fix all your violations which can be long and tedious but at least possible to advertise again on Google in the future. It will also protect you if you advertise on other PPC services because while they may allow your site today, doesn't mean they will tomorrow. My warning is that others will soon follow Google's lead not only on PPC but organically as well.
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    i think they have too many customers to care for and sometimes get lost....OR they don't have the so-called 'specialists' they claim to have.

    they banned my account too. reason: i am clicking my own ads. lol. i wonder what kind of technology told them i click my own ads.

    don't worry dude. there are lots of jerks around...but we have to learn to live among them .

    all the best.

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