Does Adsense affect page ranking?

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Hi im a newbie. I was overjoyed yesterday to see my website hit no 1, first page this morning. However, in the evening I just checked and I am on page 3.

The only thing I did yesterday was add some adsense. The ads look relevent but I think it has something do with my page ranking. I have taken them off to see if it makes any difference.

Today i have looked at it again and results seem to be all over the place. If i use Internet Explorer I m on page 4, and sometimes page 2. The difference being how many results Google picks up.

If I use Mozilla Google then im on page 1. If I search using Yahoo then Im on page 2.

If I use Chrome Google then I'm on page 4. If you click on the Google search in the browser tool bar then it brings you another result. More favourable than doing a search on Google home page.

Bing using chrome brings me on the first page. There is no consistency but my main question. Does Adsense interfere with page ranking?


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    It could be the google dance just be patient carry on doing whatever you are doing and the site will eventually settle down.

    I dont think it does as ive just put adsense to one of my sites just recently after the google dance and its still at the same position which is number 5 on first page of

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    Sounds like the site is going through the hoola hoops, give it time, it will settle.

    No sig, good day m8...

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    You site is Google dancing, sometimes... it can even disappear from all the SERPs leaving you baffled but I have a trick for this to normally lands me on #1 for all my sites.

    When your site is Google dancing for any keyword, I take it that your site is qualified to be #1 for that keyword and to achieve it, start backlinking immediately, just backlink the crap out of that site. You can even send over 20,000 profile backlinks straight up there and the anchor text for all the backlinks should be the keyword you are targeting and just watch immediately after the Google dance, you will be #1 for your keyword or at least, among the top 3.

    Since I discovered this, I have been doing it for all my sites and I have 100% success with it.

    I hope this helps
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    I've had the same thing happen to some of my sites before. It's my belief that, in theory, if you have 2 completely identical sites, with the only difference being one has Adsense and one doesn't, the one without Adsense will always rank higher. To me, it only makes sense. G wants to provide the highest quality, most relevant results; I would imagine they would favor a site that does not have commercial intent (directly profiting from its visitors) over a site that does...
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    From Google Adsense Webmaster Guidelines: "Make reasonable efforts to ensure that advertisements do not affect search engine rankings. For example, Google's AdSense ads and DoubleClick links are blocked from being crawled by a robots.txt file."

    I was just thinking about this when I saw this thread. Do we have to stop search engines to crawl AdSense ads?
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    it does not affect page rankings but now page rank is not counted and its time for traffic only
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    AdSense *per se* wont affect your rankings (as far as i know)..but what will affect your ranking is overdoing it with ads, resulting in a poor Content <--> Ads ratio.

    Many AdSense newbies make those mistakes, having very little content (like 300ish words article) on their pages plus 2 big ad blocks and 2 link units etc.

    There are indications that Google might rank such sites lower, therefore careful with the number of ads and quality/length of your actual content.
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    your problem is not adsense.
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    I think it is simple Google dance, so calm down and back to backlinking
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    You say it is different in different browsers - this is because Google tries to personalize your results to your browser search history (and account history if you're logged in). To find your "true" ranking, open an incognito window in Chrome (tool button -> new incognito window) and search there. Incognito windows have no access to your history.
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