Do you create new accounts for all of your hub/anchor sites when doing SEO?

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Hey Warriors,

I was wondering if you guys create multiple accounts on the sites that you use to create your 'hub' sites that point to your money pages?

Take squidoo for example, I have been using squidoo for a while now and I have several lenses on my account. Most of the lenses are pieces of linkwheels that I have built to point at my money pages.

Yesterday I received an email from squidoo which said my account has been suspended because I created a lens for Body By Vi which is a network marketing company. I guess it's against squidoo's policies to link to or talk about any sort of network marketing or MLM type of business, even if it isn't a direct promotion or an attempt to recruit people.

Because of that lens (yes I should have read the TOS) they have marked ALL of my lenses suspended, and possibly deleted unless I can convince them not to.

I deleted that lens, I hope they will allow the rest of my lenses and account to remain in-tact because the rest of the stuff should be well within their terms of service. .

But my question is, do you create multiple accounts on places like squidoo when you are building link wheels or backlinks in general?

How many accounts do you manage? One account per website/client/product? What is your method for avoiding putting all of your squidoo eggs in one squidoo basket?

I create large link wheels with accounts on many different web 2.0, articles, high PR, and other sites but I usually only use one account on each of the properties and create multiple hubs, lenses, etc on the accounts.

After this scare I am wondering if I should spread them out a bit, just to be safe... Although it's a lot of extra time and effort (and logging to keep track of the users/passes/links etc).

Any tips, advice, ideas, or .. flames?
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    I was actually wondering this as well.
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      I believe you answered your own question. YES I always create new accounts for each hub that I use. Not only does it keep your footprint lower but in the case that one egg goes back you don't lose the whole farm.

      I normally keep a Database of every campaign that I setup. I track usernames, accounts, keywords, etc.

      Given they are throw away accounts and 99% of the time I normally never have to return to them but in case there is a reason I may want to make a change to a link that has become dead, etc etc I like to have the info handy.

      So in conclusion...YES....I mean I'm OCD with the whole database thing and I'm sure most folks treat them as setup shop and forget about it but that's just me.
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