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I read quite a lot about SEO and I have two questions about keywords.

How do I choose the good keyword for my site?
Some people say that the competition is not important, all you have to do is a:
If the number is not too high then it's a good keyword and it will be easy to get a top spot.
Others say that if the keyword has less than X global searches in Google keyword tool then it will be easy to rank high for this keyword (what are these numbers?).

What's the real answer?

And how much work, articles written, backlinks etc. do you need to get on the first page of Google, for example for a keyword with 12000 searches?

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    "Join Date: Jun 2006" is this a joke or are you really asking this question?
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      Of course this is serious.
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    Checking allintitle, allinurl and allinanchor is good to get a general feel for number of competitor urls you may be up against, but not the end-all be-all for how strong that competition is.

    To check for a specific keyword, just look at the top 10. Better yet, the top 3. If you can beat them, it really doesn't matter how many allintitle, allinanchor or allinurl results you find.

    Look at things like domain, site age, pr, backlinks to url, backlinks to page, dir listings (dmoz, yahoo), how optimized is the page, and compare to what you have or will have.
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    Go download SEOquake.


    Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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    Allintitle, alllinurl and allinanchor are all good ways to judge competition for a keyword but I always take a glance at the PR, backlinks and other factors of the top 10. SeoQuake like mentioned above is great to analyze the top 10.

    Another number I look at is something I call "Real Competition" and you can find this on the last page of google results for any keyword. Google only returns up to 1000 pages of results and often times much less. If you get to that last page it will show you a number that tells you how many sites google actually thinks is related to the keyword you searched on. This is a less talked about number but can be very valuable.
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    Maybe you can use Google Adword's keyword tool.
    1) of course the keyword you choose should be with less competition
    2) the keyword should be relevant to the main topic of your site.
    3) the number of the keyword in a post should from 2%-8% in most case, lots of keyword tool could help you, just search "keyword tool" in Google.
    4) In fact, it is very important to build backlinks to do better SEO
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    I Can choice of Keyword tool Google Ad words This Best Tool for keyword suggestion.
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    google adwords is d best according to me..
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      Get seo for firefox plugin and analyze the top 10 ranking pages for the specific keyword you are targeting. You need to analyze the backlinks, pagerank, domain age etc. to determine their strength. If you can beat them, then go ahead.

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    Keyword research is very important for any website, you should give maximum time in understanding competition and keywords, if you selected wrong keywords then you may not get what you wanted at starting.

    Choosing any good keyword tool would help you a lot.

    Google Adwords keyword tool is good for this kind of stuff but it is free tool so it may not give you everything which you want and it is mainly based on Google data and Adwords data so you should choose any other keywords tool which gives you all you wanted for keyword research and competition Analysic.

    You may use SerpAnalytics, it is working awesome for me, you have to give some time to understand this tool then it would become much easier to use.

    What is SERPAnalytics

    SERPAnalytics is a first online SEO environment designed for SEO & SEM specialists.
    SERPAnalytics provides a variety of SEO tools along with access to millions of records of essential data including search engine positions archive and keywords data.
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    Hi Dear

    Keyword research is very important for any website. And You should choose high Competition and high search engine keywords. so please you should use Google ad words tool.
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    SEO Quake and the Google ad words tool-all you need.
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      You check the competition on what the competition on keyword....
      and then u check the website work or analyze your competitor also.
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        You have to choose a keyword related to your site or best describe to your site. Make sure that the keyword the you choose is low in competition. You can use some SEO tools to determine the competition of the keywords.
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    I think keyword is the most important for a site. From my experience, you should use market samurai and it is one of the best keyword tools.
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    Thanks for all your messages so far.
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