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1) I have paid someone to create 200 profile backlinks and >1000 directories submissions for me. However, when I checked it through Backlink Watch, they are still not showing up. Just wondering how long would it take for those backlinks to come up?

2) I have created couple of pages in squidoo, xanga etc and link back to my money site, it's been 2 weeks now, they are still not showing up as a backlink. I have pinged them, bookmarked them, also add to google_dot_au/addurl. Am I missing something? Do I have to build backlinks to my backlinks?
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    Profile backlinks are difficult to get indexed. If they were all created with the same username and the descriptions all the same or poorly spun then you are screwed. This is why I never buy cheap backlink packets and do my own SEO. The cost in time for getting it right will pay off. Run all the links through and then slam them with another tier of links from blog comments or forum posts. How you go about getting these links to your backlinks is entirely up to you.
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    Mate it is not necessary to shown all the backlinks by watch Google search. You have to got the submitted list of your sites' link by the person who have submitted.

    Then check the link submitted page, if the link present there then don't worry, your site has an worthy, if not then try to add your link again.
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    for me usually i upload all my profile links into tom's backlink booster which automatically ping, pss and post to various web 2.0 sites for higher indexation rate as well as more link power.
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    I have just asked some one to build me around ,11,000 Blacklinks by doing blog comments and directory submissions.

    I have also built loads of BL to my site
    but you know I got only several BL report on Yahoo. I also got problem like you. But I think it's not the issue. All BL are good, but they are not worth the same. Dont worry whether they show on your report of the tracking system or not, just build it. The result will...

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    Hey, you may want to check out our packages. We use only good quality links which have been shown to index well. Profile links are naturally slow-indexing because it takes google spiders a while to get into all those profiles. If you have a site which is atleast 3 weeks old, try out our Annihilator package, you will get 700 links indexed within the first 7-10 days in Yahoo Site Explorer. It is a combination of fast indexing Blog Comments and slow indexing Forum profiles, to give you a boost and keep a nice trail of links being indexing the the next weeks. If you want to go even bigger, then you can look into the MASSACRE package, we just dropped the price on it today because I want more people to try it out.


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    The more I get into building up backlinks the more I'm finding that quality seems to be better than just quantity, but that works well for many things. I am trying for a quantity of quality links.

    FWIW I did some deeper searches on google on my url and found a lot links that I had no idea were there. Maybe not super duper juicy ones but still links that peeps threw onto their sites. So you may have more links than you see showing up on siteexplorer etc.

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      Hey Guys

      Thanks very much for the comments. It's very helpful.

      Can I ask what are the characteristics of quality profile backlinks? Just use different username and maybe couple of different keywords?

      So what should I do now with my 200 profile backlinks in order to make it more "quality". Do I just ping them, social bookmark them? What else? 200 forum posting for each of the profile backlinks?

      Please let me know

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