My first SEO project, please advice.

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Hi Warrior

Just want to get some advice.

I have appointed someone in Odesk to do the following:

I'm targeting a niche in Australia with 33,000 searches per month. My site is up and running now, just need to build some backlinks to it.

I have got like 30 articles written by myself, I got someone to submit my articles to various different sites and building backlinks to each of them and also prepare a lot of forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, profile backlinks to my money site. The total will be about 1400 backlinks. 15 hrs per week for 7 weeks. He guarantee my site will get to top 3 in this niche in about 2 months time. It will cost me $120.

Since this is my first project, I don't want to be rip off. Can someone give me suggestion how I should be dealing with this project? He seems to me have good knowledge and know what he's doing. I believe he will provide me with quality work rather than quantity work. But does it really worth $120?

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    It seems just a little over normal prices. We offer the cheapest prices available, if you wanted. You could get
    10,000 Blog Comments
    10,000 Profiles
    18 Web 2.0 Pyramid with 10,000 More Blog Comments
    Over 110 High Page Rank Social Bookmarks
    all for $72 for today and maybe tomorrow. After that it will go up to $90.


    Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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      The price seems ok but no one on earth can guarantee you any sort of ranking on google so I would take that with a pinch of salt. You could get the $4.95 trial of magic submitter for the first month and then sick submitter from their wso link for $13 per month and you could do a lot of it yourself.

      Other than that you could outsource some high PR profile links to people on here for not much money and then do some good manual backlinking manually.
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        Bigger is not always better. Do not be carried away by numbers like 10,000 profile links, 1000 directory submissions etc. These do not mean a thing if the sites are all of low quality.

        If you want to outsource a project effectively, be it link building, content creation etc, you must first know them in and out which will happen only if you do it yourself the first two or three times and get to know the game. Then you can advice your virtual assistant what he/she should do exactly. This will provide the best results for your investments.

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    Great, thanks for advice.
    I'm actually working together with him on this project rather than just outsource the whole project.
    I will provide them with the articles every week total 30 articles to put on squidoo, ezine, blogger etc.. then he will help me to build backlinks like forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking etc. That way I can offload some of my work and I can also get some good quality backlinks for my next projects as well gain some experience. When I was speaking to him, seems like he's quite experience and know what he's doing. I hope this first project of mine will work out fine
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    $120 does seem a bit on the high side but if they can offer results then I would check their track record as mentioned above nothing is a sure thing in Google.

    The downside to outsourcing majority of the work is that you don't learn anything from what goes on behind the scenes meaning that you are going to have to outsource future work.

    90% of what you are actually outsourcing can be done at about 1/2 the price if you know what needs to be done.

    Since you have all the articles written they will most likely use some software like magic submitter to submit your articles which is 90% automated.

    My personal advise is to create your own social bookmarks yourself...toss up the articles to Ezine first....wait for them to go live on the site then submit them to the other article sites....doesn't matter that you use same article on the sites because it's the web masters that put the articles on their site giving you a backlink....

    Then i would go and get a DFB (drip feed blast) from a user that owns Xrumer and blast 1000 profile link per day for 30 days to your social bookmarks (increases link juice)....and only a few thousand to your pages on your site.

    That's just my two cents.
    Check out deals
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    Very nice response bySimpleonline1234. His two cents are worth a lot more than two cents.

    I would also carry your current project out with the firm you already hired. Your learning curve will be worth more than the $120 you paid... whether they perform for you or not.
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    Hi, I think only you know if the price asked is worth it.

    What I mean is, you have a site that you want to get ranked for a keyword getting 33,000 searches a month. I assume you already decided how you are going to monetize this site and make money from it. If so, you should know approximately how much you are going to make if you site will be number 1, number 2 or number 3.

    Than it is only a numbers game and if you will make $1500 for being number 3 wouldn't that be worth the $120? Wouldn't it be worth $500?

    You should have all this valuable information covered and it will make your money investing decision mush easier and smarter.
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    Hello. I think you can review everything specially about the price that what you been talking. Since money worth everything then why don't take advantage beside you can perform well together if you do have your virtual assistant.
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    What is your planning after 2 months in this case? Do you think once you have done your SEO and By the way you got top 3 also according to commitment of that person; Than after that what? See, Mind it, SEO is totally on going process.Once started means started, It is not going to stop. So, Take any decision according to that!
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