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I've made new blog, iPad 2nd Generation , 5 days ago. After 3 days, blog was on page 5, first position on google for the ipad 2nd generation.

Now blog is not in first 64 results.

Can anyone explain to me what happened, why my site is dropped down.

I need to go sleep now, but I know I will not be able to sleep because I will spend whole night thinking what happened and can I fix that.
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    No worries! Sounds like you're going through the Google dance. In fact, it's pretty common to see your site jump all over the place for a few months. Eventually it will stabilize.
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      Yes, don't worry. It's pretty common for new sites to bounce about all over the place for a while. Just keep going with good links and solid content.
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    Don't stress! Google is just figuring out your site, it's like testing out a new car. It takes a while to get adjusted to it and then BAM, it feels you are the car.
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    Thank you guys.

    I just checked serp again and I'm on 22 position.

    I will not worry about this now.
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    Thats great that your site is back. Enjoy the leads
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    That's a normal scenario specially when Google is updating.

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    • I'm having this with one of my sites right now. It's about 3 months old. 4 days ago it was on page 1 of Google, but now it's nowhere to be seen.
      It will be back though. I've had it before with other sites that are now on page 1. It's perfectly normal for new sites. Just keep building links and doing what you were doing.
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    I'm now on 2nd page, 2nd position for my keyword.
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