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When doing SEO for a website, is that something that is on going? When you set up a website, you do SEO, but do you keep doing SEO daily, monthly? What is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO?

When you do SEO for a client, do you charge a monthly fee? If so, what's an average amount?

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    yes. SEO is ongoing...especially with offpage seo usually.

    on page seo is optimizing your page for the surfers and crawlers. like effectively using your keywords in your titles, h1 tags, meta tags, etc. basically changes ON the site.

    off page is more of doing backlinks, like posting your links on other sites (linking back to your site). the more backlinks you have, the more popular you are before the crawlers. and more more backlinks you have from authority sites the better. you do seo daily if you can (offpage) and do on page monthly if it's required.

    yes, we charge a monthly fee. mostly you can cancel at anytime. the thing with doing it monthly is cause, you're competing against other sites -- you both are fighting to be on top of the SERPs...if you stop your SEO means you'll trail. so you gotta keep it going till you achieve your goals.

    some of the SEO experts charge big amounts as much as $10K. others charge less for the same quality work. but you have to also be careful how cheap you pay for your SEO services...in most cases, the cheaper, the crappier.

    personally i charge $200-$400 monthly depending on your niche competion and size of website. and i do only ethical SEO, some do blackhat so watch that too.

    all the best.

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      Thank you SEOPsychic! I just read through the SEO FAQ that I hadn't seen before I posted. So thank you for explaining On page SEO and off page SEO even though it was right in front of me.

      Is it likely to see SEO results within 30 days?
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        Originally Posted by octobergal View Post

        Is it likely to see SEO results within 30 days?
        it depends on how competitive your niche is and how well you do SEO. if you do it well and your niche is fairly easy, yes, you can see results withing 30 days.

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    Difference between on page and off page SEO is that on page SEO is the activity inside your website (coding). And off page is the activity outside your site, like doing submissions and postings.

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    Onpage SEO has to do with how your site is presented to Search Engine Spiders. Off-page SEO has to do with backlinking.


    Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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  • SEO is a monster subject just in itself. Read the posts in this SEO section and hang around here and you will learn everything you need to know about SEO. The guys above gave you a good start though.
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    Onpage SEO factors are really underrated. If you get all the onpage factors right, you will outrank a lot of your competition no matter how strong their links are.
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    Just do the On page optimization 100% right , and then your off site seo will be easyer
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      Thanks for all the advice! I appreciate it.
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        It's a daunting thing to try and learn about at first but if you keep in mind your keyword relevance in your on page seo, and then your offpage seo will involve quality backlinks and consistent action on your part. It takes time though.
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  • Just following up on this post octobergal.
    How are you doing with your SEO?
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