What is Contexual Link Building?

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There are so many variations like link builder, link building, backlink building and so on... Im confused...

What is Contexual Link Building anyway?

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    I am confused too. I always use link building or backlinks building.
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    It means building backlinks from other sites that are related to your particular niche. In theory a backlink from a site related to your topic will be more powerful than one from a random unrelated site.
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    It means link within the content. You can contact webmasters whom websites are thematically relevant to your website and convenience them to give link back to you from their website content part or you can provide content for them.
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    • By definition, a contextual link is simply one embedded in the main body of the web page text rather than in the ads or navigation bars. ~Source

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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    Usually these kinds of links are considered to be among the valuable types of votes the websites can gain online and in the course of time. Of course only the informative sites which are found to be content rich might have the real chances of gaining them. The example could be of Wikipedia portal, getting its links mostly from contexts.

    While people are adding contents to their blogs or websites, they might like linking to some other portals they have found useful and so, from within contents they are creating, they would make references to those specific domains. These links coming from bodies of relevant contents can positively affect web ranks.
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