Suitable Replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer?

by tpw
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I have always used Yahoo Site Explorer to analyze the inlinks for a website.

With the death of the Yahoo Site Explorer API, are there any alternative sources I can look at going forward? Free or Paid?

I did notice that although the API was shut down this month, Yahoo is still providing the service to the public. I also noticed that Yahoo was very unclear as to whether they would maintain access to the tool after the Yahoo search engine fully merges with Bing in 2012 (Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance: Site Explorer FAQ | Yahoo! Search Help).

I am specifically looking for a service with which I can interface to continue to look at the inbound links for a particular website or URL. Any ideas?

I do realize that no system is perfect or completely accurate, but Yahoo Search Explorer has been useful for me for a number of years, and I hope I will be able to find a solid replacement for the future.
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    i didn't know it will be removed :O
    i would like to know a replacement too because its really helpful
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    GREAT question!! I have had the same thoughts! I use SEO book open site explorer. (free version) I like it but as you said it isn't perfect!
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      Yeah Yahoo! isn't being very clear as to what's gonna happen with Site Explorer, probably because they don't know (yet?) what end of the shark they're holding onto, as far as the Y!-MS deal...

      The saying about suckers and poker comes to mind, Bill "If you're playing poker and don't know who the sucker in the room is... it's YOU!"
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