2 Websites on same hosting account+sandbox?

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I have one website ranking number 1 for my offline business and it has to stay there. However I am putting up another site and want to blast it with a bunch of links, I dont really care if it gets to the top but it should fairly easily. Question is if google sandboxes my second site will they sandbox or have a closer look at my other site since they are on the same hosting account. My original site at #1 has some suspect linking methods and do not want to draw any attention to it!
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    Will you feel better if someone says don't worry about it?

    Just your asking this question shows you are thinking and if this really concerns you don't let anyone's assurances placate you.

    Other hosting. Other IP address...other everything all the way.
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    Has nothing to do with the same IP. Most sites are on shared servers.
    Some with thousands. One bad site will not bring down the whole bunch.

    Some hosts are questionable. That's a different story. But the world runs
    on shared servers.

    Stop doing questionable things and you will not have to worry.

    wikileaks is on a shared server with a gaggle of mirrored sites.
    I guess that is the beat all to beat all of same IP nonsense.
    And dupe content, and, and,...

    And yes, wikileaks is readily indexed and loved by google.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    The only way it "might" hurt you, is if your site was the only 'good' site, shared with 999 other 'bad' sites, meaning bad link neighbourhoods, andnumerous other things. And if that were the case, you would have already felt the pain.
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