18 tips which should be maintained while doing on page optimization

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Sharing some knowledge,
About tips on ONPAGE SEO

1. Title tag of every page should be unique and keyword infusion into the tile tag should be done smartly.

2. Meta descriptions of all pages should be written uniquely and also a well measured knack of keyword alteration into the description should be their.

3. Try to avoid image links or flash links or Java script links for inter linking of you site.

4. Optimize the images of your site with Alt Tag because crawlers are unable to read images. Thus put some effective sentence into the Alt tag which is containing your selected key phrases as well.

5. Ensure search engine bots with adaptation notification are placed at all of the pages.

6. Do not forget to check whether any broken links exist on your site or not.

7. In case of internal linking of your website, you should use text links and try to alternate your keywords into those texts.

8. Remember you should use targeted keywords as text in case of cross linking between your own pages.

9. Do not forget to infuse your selected keywords into your web content for every page and those keywords should be relevant with the page content or topic.

10. Try to spread text links for important web pages from your main page (index page) of your website.

11. If the site is older but newly come to you then check whether their any black hat techniques are used or not, if so then remove them quickly.

12. Remember links of your all web pages should be short and easily accessible by search engine crawlers. Change unwontedly long links if exist.

13. Do not forget crawlers are unable to read image contents. So try to avoid images for placing your content and place contents within the text part of your web page.

14. Make sure that robot.txt of your site should be placed with appropriate instructions.

15. If your site has enormous pages then situate a site map at your website for visitors.

16. Canonical issue should be solved before starting off page optimization.

17. Try to place a common header and footer text within H2 tag. Here you can alternate your keywords for increasing keyword density.

18. Do not forget to situate a XML feed or a ROR sitemap at your site and the link of that feed should exist as a link at the index page of your website.

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    Good checklist but I would like to add a couple more things:

    - Along with your keywords, don't forget to use LSI keywords (semantically related words, such as synonyms and other words ans phrases related to your content)

    - Validate your HTML code

    - Include your keywords in the URL of the page (name of the HTML file) using hyphens between words.
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    Useful tips. All these aspects should to be maintained at the time of on page optimization.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great tips on the onpage optimization. Here i want to share my own SEO experience with you which is:

    Put unique tags in your website each page. So,If you are using WordPress platform for the development of your website then for onpage SEO you need to add unique keywords in your title tags, descriptions, plugins and in different options of your website.

    Thanks for sharing your Onpage experience with us!
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    thanks for posting seo on page tips it is more helpful for all newbies nice efforts
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    17. Try to place a common header and footer text within H2 tag. Here you can alternate your keywords for increasing keyword density.

    Agree with your all points but didnt understood this one..will you please explain it...
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    what about not having a robots.txt? It seems like it often just becomes a problem

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