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Can anyone recommend a tool to find the amount of competing pages for multiple keywords please? For instance if I had a list of 30 keywords, I would usually type each one into google search to determine the amount of competing pages, yep one by one

Im sure there has to be a good tool that can do this job quickly? Have I missed it?

Thank you!

PS I have market samurai and its not been too reliable lately - I dont think it does this task anyway.
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    I use hot niche spy and I like it a lot. You could plug in your 30 keywords and get the average PR of the top ten competitors and focus on the ones that are easier to rank for.

    You can also plug in your keywords and get a huge list of more keywords to sort through and get the best ones.
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    In other words, you want to check the rank of your website for multiple keywords? (That will let you know how many pages are above you for each keyword)

    Then you can use rank tracker (google this word you will find it). That will do it perfectly.

    It has a free version that will show you all results but will not let you export or save the results.

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      Thank you both. I have rankchecker, use it all the time, I dont need the rank, I need the amount of competing pages. For instance if I had the keyword 'diet' (no thats not it and I put that in google search there would be 365,000,000 competing pages. I want a tool to tell me that information but with a list of keywords at once.

      I will take a look at hot niche spy , thanks Victor.
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