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Hi guys i will like to buy 10 long tail keywords from 10 different niches i want to build 10 sites 1 by niche.

So im looking for someone who can offer me the 10 keywords (1 for niche) for a price im starting in this PPC mini sites and im not feel like finding the keywords my self yet, so i want someone who can be sell me the keywords.

1: Who you can recommend me for this or who can sell me what im looking.

2: Im looking for a least $1 per click or can be 60 cents also maybe but i prefer a $1

3: Looking for 10 Long Tail Keywords, i will buy the domains.

Now i can do all the rest like installing the wp, the theme, get the articles, site SEO, all that. But if someone can offer me all that for a price will be great.
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