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Hi there! I have a client with a non english site (Dutch) and would like us to do the SEO for that site. Is promoting a non english site the same like regular english sites? Can i still use automated submitter (seo link robot)?

I hope somebody can help me with this. Thank you!
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    Yes, same processes, just make sure to target the specific country by setting it in Webmaster Tools and perhaps using geocoding.
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    you add you website link on dutch website....and do on page also...
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    Like already mentioned - be sure to geo target in webmaster tools.
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    Thanks for your replies. I can now accept the project. :-)
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      I'm from the Netherlands (Dutch) and i run into the same problem daily. I think people are viewing this a little bit too much with "one size fits all".

      The main issue is the website owner does not benefit if:

      1. Visitor arrives on the site
      2. Clicks a ad in English or link in English article.
      3. Lands on a Dutch site
      4. Leaves right after they found out they could not speak the language...

      (my point is... you get the traffic but most of it is useless because they leave right away)

      Sometimes I wish we would all speak mandarin chinese or english here in the Netherlands. 80% of the tools out there have to be customised to work in another language like Dutch. I buy most of my marketing books in English because there are books about every micro-niche you can imagine.


      -If you do not agree visit alexa or the ADD-This sharing tool website. Go to service directory to compare countries (no affiliate or related company) You can see the difference in tools/social media/high traffic pages for yourself.

      I hope this was a useful post, suggestions are welcome and let me know if i can help.
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