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It's still in the index, but search traffic has dropped way off. On checking some terms, the reason is that most things have taken a hit in the positions.
Hell, even searching for the page title (exact word for word) still leave some pages on page 100+ with really irrelevant stuff at the top.

Does this situation recover or is it a lost cause updating this site anymore?
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    Yes, I have written it all myself and is unique. Some of the older stuff is still linked well. But in particular the newer stuff is not sticking. Previously when it was written it would be easily searchable in G using the >last 24 hours option, now it's not - it's like the search paramaters just are not picking it up.
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    Don't worry, you sites still indexed... it's the google dance. Your site will be back to usual in around a week or so. Happens to new sites... happening to my site for the second time! Annoying.
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    This is what most website owners dont understand about SEO. If your traffic is from organic search then you need to maintain you off page SEO.

    All website owners should always remember that if you maintain your off page SEO and have almost perfect on page SEO then you traffic will not drop for a long time.
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    Thanks. I'm working on the SEO of the existing content right now for it, it's good to know.
    The site is older (2+ years) with 500+ pages with unique content. The thing is, organic traffic was increasing steadily for 2 years with no SEO work. Then suddenly, BAM, it's all gone.
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    Maybe that caused by recent updates in Google. Don't worry for now, but observe what will happen on the following days.

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