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This part confuses me the most. How can one go and find a niche that has a chance of success.

For example a successful marketer comes up with:

health>weight loss>weight loss pills.

In this example the marketer was able to find a successful niche "health" and sub niche of "weight loss" with pills as his product.

How do you get to the first step. Finding a niche and sub niche and then product. Seems very overwhelming. I am not largely concerned with the technical side as that can be done instantly by using google. I just don't know how to find a good market.
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    Hi there,
    there's always the option of purchasing software which does a lot of the hard work for you. I've heard that micro niche finder is a pretty decent product for discovering untapped niche markets. You may want to go and check that out if you've got some money to invest.

    Best of luck with it all
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      I know some will disagree with me, but I really think you should pursue niches that you have an interest in. If you're in it for the long haul, that is, which I think is the best way.

      Write down your top 5 interests. It could be hobbies, something you feel strongly about....

      Then think of some sub-niches within those niches.

      What businesses could fit into the sub-niches?

      For example: Healthy eating is an interest

      Sub-niches: raw food, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

      What businesses could be done within these sub-niches?

      Take raw food:

      Create and sell cookbook
      Become an affiliate and sell cookbooks
      Juicer reseller
      Dehydrator reseller

      Before you actually choose a niche, you would want to do some good research - keywords, online and offline research

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    As listed above there are all kinds of places you can go to find great niche ideas. I use to find really small micro niche ideas. You can also find plenty of ideas just by opening your eyes. Seriously! There are products and brands everywhere you look. You just have to be keen on what you see.
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    I agree with laurie390

    The first niche that you choose should be something you are intensely interested in - once that starts bringing you some money, you can invest that to hire copywriters to write good content for other lucrative niches.

    Otherwise, you might just blow your brains out from boredom and frustration in this slow-moving business

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