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So one of my sites seems like it is now going through a google dance. The site was doing rather well there for a few months generating around 100-200 organic search engine traffic a day. Then the other day the site went all the way back to getting under 10 visitors from the search engines. This has actually affected me across each of the search engines google the most though but I have been affected at bing and yahoo as well.

I have not done anything different for months. The only thing different that I have done is I have started branching out to target more keywords on the blog section. Which should not affect any of the already established pages/post I have made.

I have done a few searches for the keywords I knew had established rankings and can no longer find them on the first five pages. So I know it is a google dance but what can I do to get these pages back up to where they where so that my site doesnt have to continue to suffer drasticly.

I wouldnt be so concerned if my other sites where doing as well as this one was. However since this site in question was my main money maker at the moment. I really need to get it back up there before long so I can work on the others. The only thing that changed really on the main site is the top product I was promoting switched affiliate vendors on me from cb to plimus. So I adjusted the site and replaced with another top product making the plimus product a runner up to the new main product.

I did this only because for some reason when I try to use the link page to the actual sales page from plimus it does not redirect properly. There for I have to send them directly to the order form instead. Which worked out pretty well the last time this happened with a similar product. So any thoughts on what I can do to reestablish my search rankings for the keywords I knew I was getting results for with out actually hurting the site in the long run.

Thanks for everyones time and insight on this matter.
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    I just thought I would point out something that alot are going to bring up. The site is about 95% unique. ALl of the articles are only on 1-2 places. I always waited for my site to get indexed before I placed the articles anywhere else. When I did place it in a different location like eza I tried to always link to the actual page that the original was on. This way it would not go against my site in the eyes of the search engines.
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    Google dance is especially for those sites which sites don't qualify to be shown in Google so it is a time period given by Google so that you can improve your site and nothing more than this. If you build links using authority websites then it would help you a lot.
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      Originally Posted by JaukaBK View Post

      Google dance is especially for those sites which sites don't qualify to be shown in Google so it is a time period given by Google so that you can improve your site and nothing more than this. If you build links using authority websites then it would help you a lot.
      This is not the issue either for I have been on the first and second page of google for the keywords for almost a year and a half now. So tell me how this is an issue with something that doesnt belong there. At that was with very minimial linking overall. I do not see any new sites that could have possibly moved me down. But even at that to move me from a page 1-2 to somewhere past page five for one site going through this mix is un heard of if you ask me. So I ask again this is a well established site. I have been running the site for almost 2 years now. The only changes I have made to the site is branched out to other keywords and that is just from the blog section on the site so should not effect any other aspect of the site. Other then the product I was promoting switching to a different product vendor there has been no changes what so ever to any of the established pages.
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    Seriously though this is a bit much I went from getting on average of 200-400 visitors a day all the way back to getting just a handful of visitors.Yesterday was the first day of this whole ordeal and only netted me about 60 unique visitors. Today is just as bad at the moment analytics is saying I only have 25 visitors. Only 8 of which came from any search engine. When I was getting about 100 search engine visitors a day plus the extra visitors for various other sources.Suggestions suggestions please so I can get this back to where it reall should be.
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      Here is a screenshot so you can see what I am dealing with. The screen shot was taken from my webmasters tools for this site. So if any one can help would be great thanks.

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        The real reason anyone usually experiences a Google Dance is because google got confused as to what your sites focus is.

        If you add a large enough chunk of content or rearrange your navigation (adding and/or deleting categories, large number of pages..etc.) You will have a high chance of doing the dance. It's Googles way of resorting your site appropreiately to thier search.

        It will settle itself down. What you can do in the mean time is to:

        1. Add content that triggers an exact match term phrase targeted to the customers that are prone to buy from you.

        2. Increase backlinks to the areas that have been left unchanged. Duplicating the way you did it before. Like anchor texting, keyword density, etc.

        3. Ping the content.

        4. Bookmark your content.

        5. Resubmit your content.

        These things will reassure Google that the focus of your site has not changed.
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          That is probally what happened. I went and did a couple of new posts on my site not too long ago that focused on a different aspect rather then focusing directly on my main aspect. The main aspect of the site was saving fuel and the three newest posts where focused around car pooling and such things. So I do think it would be best for me to get a post on there ago focusing on my main target audience rather then what I did before.

          It does make alot of sense though too because the day the whole sing started I had just made post and a few days later almost all of my search engine traffic was gone and my site moved to past page 5. Not to sure as to why they would do this for old popular posts but I guess I will have to be a little more careful on what I continue to place on my blog. Thank you very much for actually giving a reason as to why this may have happened. Along with a few ways I can go about fixing the problem.

          I would also like to add that I almost always ping the content. However I also have it set up so that my visitors also ping my content. As far as bookmarking goes this is done automatically with the onlywire wordpress plugin. I also take the info that is sent to twitter and hit it again with ping fm. So I think I should be pretty good as far as that goes. I will make a few adjustments to the actual blog section and get a few new post geared towards my original target and see if that helps. I am hoping that it doesnt take as long as the last site I had to bring back to life. However that one basically went cold because I had stopped promoting it as well as stopped updating it. I am now back up to the number 2 spot for that site for its main keywords so with a little push it sounds like I should be right back up to where it was before. Thanks again
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