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by monaya
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From an internet marketing perspective which do you hold more valuable?

Global or local monthly searches in the Google keyword tool. Do you combine the results? Are there any statistics that demonstrates which is more valuable?

Thanks guys!
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    It depends - who are your potential customers and what are you marketing? If the product or service is primarily related to a specific country or city (ie Statue of Liberty replica models), it may have no interest to people living in Hubei Province, China.

    I look for potential markets first, then do a bit of keyword research to figure out what keywords they are typing into a search engine.

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    it completely depends in where your product can be sold to, which languages your site is in, and if your business is local, national, or global.
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    I mean when you use the google keyword tool to search a keyword you get global monthly searches and local monthly searches.

    If your service or product can't be used outside the US let's say, so you should simply ignore global monthly searches column then correct?
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    Depends on the country you plan to target. The 'local' searches are those for the country selected, and 'global' obviously is worldwide, so it includes the local searches.
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    hoping this will resolve this question
    global monthly search is the average of 12month global searches and it worldwide while the local searches is the average of twelve month searches going by the ip of your searches which is your local search See it here About|Flash About Everything|about flash|factual and News about everything|flash about|download games|online games|fownload|seo|search engine optimization|optimisation|bloggingg|nigeria top news|affiliate|ditals|mobile phones|Techblog
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    Global search means we can get the facility to search kw around the world and Local srearch means we can only find keyword from targated country.

    This all are depend on the targated country and our requirement.
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    all depends upon your target market.
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    It depends what value you're looking for.

    Unless you have an affiliate account with amazon in all regions, the global search result will likely not be as meaningful as the local US search count. Another way to look at it is if there is a lot more search globablly than local US, you might want to find what other countries are searching for the same keyword in similar #'s to see if you should be getting an amazon account that covers that region, for example.

    There are lots of other strategies to use global vs local, but again it depends on your sitation.
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      It depends on your targeted customers. If you are into local business then check on the local searches. Then if you're an affiliate that will cater the entire world, then use global searches which competition are huge.

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    Both can we take and work. It depends on you needs. If your service or product relate to one particular country you can choose that and use the Local search volume as your target audiences. If your service not belongs to particular services, then you can use the global searches as your target.
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