is google the only option?

by mubb
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i read that optimizing for google is different then optimizing for bing or yahoo.

the article said that google likes backlinks and prefer a website that has been around for years, whereas bing likes metatags and keywords and does not care about backlinks!:confused:

if that is the case and we all do our SEO based on google, are not we disregarding the other search engines although they still can bring us traffic ??!!!

any SEO expert can shed some light on this matter?

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    Of course google is only one!
    App business is the best business model by today.
    Just build the App (easyest way possible), and long term cash our in, no marketing required, so good for lazy people, as we all are!

    Thank you!
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      um - ok, aside from the self-serving answer (above), I'll take a shot.

      Yes, they're different - and, yes - you should try to optimize for both as you'll be leaving a lot of $$ on the table otherwise.

      Depending on your niche, of course. If it's IM, i'd probably stick w/ google. I have a niche that I make most of my money from Yahoo traffic and it's 4 figures a month.

      As for what they're looking for, I still think they're looking for b/l's - yahoo is. I also think that yahoo and bing may value some of the social bookmarking more.

      I really don't know that much about it but my marketing for my sites is very well-rounded (backlinks, articles, bookmarking, etc) and I tend to rank for all 3 SE's, some better than others.
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        Forget about Bing and Yahoo and all the other search engines--you can ignore them COMPLETELY--and focus all of your attention on Google, especially if you're one of my competitors. Okay? Thanks.

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        Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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    Bing is the anti-Google.

    It has been built to put focus on things Google doesn't value as much (i.e. onsite factors) and to put less value on those things that Google does value (i.e. links).

    It was designed deliberately to be the opposite of Google.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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      Bing,Yahoo and Google all have their place but most of my traffic comes from Google so you should make sure your site is optimized for them first but that doesn't mean the others won't follow behind and rank you well also.


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    Hey Mubb

    It is true that Bing, Yahoo and Google will all read your webpage differently as they all have their own unique algorithms that determine their search results. No one really knows the exact formula (accept for the guys with authority within those companies) behind each engines algo as there are thousands of combinations to determine a web pages outcome.

    People do tend to have their own theory behind each ones algorithm simply through trial and error and seeing what works and what doesn't.

    As you would have heard before the most important thing to rank in is Google due to their monstrous domination when it comes to search.
    In 2010 it was reported at that time Google had nearly 71% of the search market whereas Bing in comparison had a fairly measly 9.7% meaning if 1000 people were searching for your keyword on average over 700 would do it through Google than any other search engine.

    What I have found from my tried and tested research and tracking is that Google LOVES backlinks. BUT you must have solid on page optimisation in place for it to really have an effect.
    Meta keywords are pretty much extinct from Google's algo from what I see but meta description can still be very important, especially if you have a page without much text on.... a video on its own for example. The Meta description should be well optimised with your targeted keywords. You don't need to write much only enough as what would appear in the search results under the pages title.

    Google also loves aged domains especially when passing page rank and getting new pages indexed at a rapid pace.

    Generally the Big 3 will follow the same principal rules of having your targeted keyword in the URL, title, h1 and h2 tags, description, Meta description, alt tags in images and have backlinks using the relevant anchor text.

    If you concentrate on getting good rankings in Google you can't really go wrong.
    From my experience when I have optimised pages or made little tweaks here and there, Google is the first to pick up on it with Bing following a few weeks' sometimes even months later.
    For this reason I put all my concentration into Google optimisation.

    If you cover all your basis and optimise for all the things that I have mentioned above (including meta keywords for the other search engines purposes) and then build a solid list of backlinks, especially backlinks on pages with page rank then you are laughing.
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    Forget about Bing and Yahoo and all the other search engines--you can ignore them COMPLETELY--and focus all of your attention on Google, especially if you're one of my competitors. Okay? Thanks.
    Haha, love it.

    Bing/Yahoo are great places to get traffic. If you had to choose one to focus on, you should choose Google - but the great thing is that you don't have to choose only one! From my experience, Bing/Yahoo care more about meta tags, titles, content, and quantity of backlinks, where Google cares more about quality of backlinks. But obviously if you optimize for both, you're putting yourself at an advantage.
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    All you can do is optimize your site with the on page and off page seo. The rest is up to the search engines.

    I've ranked on page 1 for keywords in yahoo and bing and get very little traffic. As far as I'm concerned Google is the only one that matters.
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    Google is over 90% of the search market. I have clients that are on Page 1 for both bing and yahoo and dont get as much traffic from it as a page 2 on google.
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    Concentrating on all important SEO factors will bring results from all search engines. As Google seems to be the more demanding one, optimizing for it automatically brings good results from the others.

    Not the same results, of course, but they are close enough.

    With enough time and resources you can concentrate on their own idiosyncrasies.
    A Step-By-Step Guide! Do Just This One Thing And Finally Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate
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    Originally Posted by pidefenders View Post

    Google and Bing are good ones but it is still Google that has the largest traffic and the first thing that comes to people's mind everytime they want to search something.

    ...a sweeping generalization and absolutely false.
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    thx guys

    i am not dropping google optimization of course!!!
    i meant that in addition to google, it is good to target other engines also so that not to leave money on the table.

    i mean once you get the 70-80% traffic from google, why not get the other 20-30% from elsewhere? it is still good money

    thx for your replies
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    Yaa you are right we should not ignore these other search engines and also keep doing work for them too.Although 80 percent of the users use google and so it does matter much than the bing and the yahoo, but still we should not ignore them completely and care for our meta tags and keywords and the content of our websites.
    I have experience of the 3 years in the SEO and i care for all these 3 big search engines.
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