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If you have proper on-page SEO, you will drastically reduce the backlinking requirements it would take to for your pages to rank well. As everyone knows, getting backlinks can be a major pain so you might as well structure your site the right way so you don't have to do as much backlinking. The main factors for proper on-page SEO include your URL names, internal linking structure, HTML tags, and your web content.

Domain Name and Page Name

Your domain name is a determining factor in how you rank, but in the long run it is not extremely important. A webpage that is structured correctly and has more relevant backlinks will outrank a domain that has the keyword as the domain name itself. When you name your webpages, the targeted keyword should be included in the webpage name so that it is part of the URL.

Internal Linking

Internal linking simply refers to how you link your own web pages together. It is imperative you use the correct anchor text when linking your pages together. The main keyword of each webpage should be what is used as anchor text when that page is linked to from elsewhere on your site.


Your title tag and the meta description should have the main keyword in it. Keep in mind that these tags are what appears in the search engine results, so you want to optimize them for high click-thrus from web visitors as well as for the search engines. Include your keyword in both the title and description, and present a benefit that your site has to offer in the meta description to entice click-thrus from the results listings. Another tag that should contain your main keyword is the header, or H1 tag.

Web Content

The days of keyword stuffing have been long gone. So what keyword density should you use in your content? It should be between 1%-4%, but if you want to be scientific about it you can take the keyword density of the top two or three sites and use the same keyword density those sites are using. Your keyword should be within the first fifty words of your content and then equally sprinkled throughout the remainder of the content.

So these are the main factors for good on-page SEO. By making sure your web pages are optimized for the search engines, you can be sure to outrank less optimized web pages with fewer backlinks.

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