webmaster tools and multiple sitemaps?

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I submitted a sitemap for one of my sites in webmaster tool an year ago now I have generated 2 new sitemaps using 2 differnt sites, can I submit both these sitemaps to webmaster tools and leave the 3rd one their Or i should have only 1 sitemap at a time?
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    just submit latest one, you cant submit multiple sitemap to google webmaster tool
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    You can mix multiple sitemaps. E.g. if you have a separate sitemap for /blog/ and /forum/ and something for rest of the website. If you want to be real nice to Google, you could also include a sitemap index file
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    I have another question related to webmaster tools I posted it in another seo forum but didn't got any help..

    I moved my site from a local host to another one and now I see lots of urls of my old server in webmaster tools under crawl errors.

    Its like
    mysite.com/~mysitedir/page1.html (this url is of old host since over there the directory of my site on root was ~mysitedir) google has indexed urls in this way and thes are hundereds of urls. How can I solve these crawl errors?
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    well you have share some good information in this wonderful forum so keep it up and keep sharing with us always and thanks for it
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